debates against doctor assisted suicide?

I need some good debates against doctor assisted suicide for a class project, preferably non religious, thank you :)

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    The first is that suicide is illegal, so assisted suicide is also illegal. In most, possibly all us states, it is illegal to attempt suidicde. At the very least, the person can be considered "a danger to themselves or others" and forcibly hospitalized. So why would we make suicide legal if the person has a doctor assist them.

    Second, and more philosophical, is the belief that the duty of doctors is "first, do no harm." Intentionally taking a life violates the physician's oath.

    Finally, there is the slippery slope argument. If doctors are permitted to assist an individual's suicide, what happens when the family of a patient -- a patient who is unable to speak for themself -- asks the doctor to perform a suicide procedure? In the extreme, opponents cite Nazi Germany, where the state deemed handicapped and mentally ill people as subjects for termination.

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    government interference in individual cases (like terry schiavo).

    It may be federally subsidized..meaning taxpayer money go towards a procedure that not all americans morally agree with (like abortion)

    eugenics (hitler euthanized many elderly and handicapped children in order to form the "perfect race").

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    the Hippocratic Oath to preserve life

    fatal diagnosis made in error

    final answer

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