Will there be another edition of the Youtube Symphony Orchestra?

Will there be another edition of the Youtube Symphony Orchestra, or this was the only chance we've had to play our part in music history???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My piano teacher is the one who first mentioned this to me, and she said that she's pretty sure they will be doing it again next year.

  • 1 decade ago

    There will probably be another edition. I think it will become a regular festival orchestra.

    As far as its "part in music history" for now it is still a very well put together novelty act. The only thing that made this different than any other festival orchestra was that the audition process and publicity was done through youtube.

    When you look at the people involved, it was mostly conservatory students, professional musicians, aspiring young artists. all the same people you'd expect to find at Aspen or Brevard. There were some outsiders to classical music involved, but out of the 96 people invovled the outsiders were a tiny fraction of the ensemble. So this is not "our" (meaning the public, or the internet's) orchestra.

    In time that may change. If they can keep going and put on good concerts, YtSO will garner more respect.

    read the article in the times to get some more perspective:


  • 3 years ago

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