a Q about taps ghost hunters.?

ok that cace manager brian i think. did he get firied and why? ok well by!

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    I am a paranormal investigator and know them. Brian Harnois was not fired, he moved to Ghost hunters international (GHI), and since had a baby and asked to postpone his Sci-fi contract for a season or two to adjust to being a dad.

    Brian was one of the few founding members of TAPS and he was never the "case manager", he was the "tech manager" (in charge of equipment and setup). He did quit TAPS once a few years back because of a conniving girlfriend. And then Steve Gonsalves took over as "tech manager" and remained so after they hired Brian back. Brian went to GHI because his relationship with Jason and Grant was never really mended right, and the only person that truly forgave him was Donna Lacroix (case manager) whom also went to GHI.

    All and all Brian has made some mistakes, but very few considering he has been an investigator for 10+ years. He is a very inventive, enthusiastic person to investigate with. I have the utmost respect and love for the man. I believe he returns for a few episodes of GHI in this upcoming season.

    Source(s): Founder of Central Utah Paranormal
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    Mike Shay answered quite well, so here is a link to Brian's public myspace page if you're interested:


    Oh, and scifi channel has forums for gh and ghi. Just do a search for Brian there if you like.

    btw-hope you're (Mike) right about the upcoming ghi with Brian--he's a goober, and I like his enthusiasm.

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