Educate me as to what the Confederate Flag really means to Southerners?

I'm from the North and recently moved to GA. I heard that there were more Confederate flags in the South, but I'm surprised by how many I've seen. I saw someone with it on their shirt, at a high school, that said if you think the flag is racist, you need to learn the history. So would a Southerner or historian please feel me in to modern meanings of the flag and why if it isn't racist, I haven't see one African American with one?

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    Get this straight. For everyone who says Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery that's a load of ****...he was quoted saying if he could have his war and still have slavery he would do it. the civil war was not about slavery, as a matter of fact most of the slaves VOLUNTEERED to fight for the south because they were treated very well. the war was about the fact that the south was sick of the north pushing them around and trying to get them to cave into their ****** up ways. they were happy with farming, and the north wanted to industrialize the country...we wear the confederate flag because it shows that we are proud of the way things used to be. NOT because of the ******* slavery, but because of the beautiful, rich lives our ancestors used to lead. and for everyone who says the war is over and we lost well **** you, i think we realize that...but it does not mean that we can't be proud of where we came from. every Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, haitian, and Jamaican who comes into the country can fly their damn flags with no questions...and we have black history month, and BET, and all the other black pride ****, but the southerners get **** for trying to represent our heritage? that's just wrong...and too all the fake little girls and boys out there walking around representing the confederate flag when their family is from new york and ****, that's not real heritage, that's just being a wannabe. i have noticed this new taylor swift, miley cyrus fad that makes every little girl out there wanna be "redneck" or "country"...the confederate flag means a lot to us, and we would appreciate it if everyone would just leave us the hell alone.

    Source(s): Southern born, and Southern raised.
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    During the Civil War, many Southern states left the Union. These Confederate or "Rebel" states wanted their own flag to fly. The first Rebel flag that flew over the Confederacy, was the Bonnie Blue. The Bonnie Blue was never adopted by the confederacy, but it was loved by the people. Officially, the first Rebel flag was the Stars and Bars. The Stars and Bars flew from March 1861 to May of 1863. Unfortunately this Rebel flag looked too much like the Union's Stars and Stripes. The Confederate states decided to look further for a more unique design.

    The best-known Rebel flag was the Confederate Battle Flag, also known as the "Southern Cross". The Battle flag was carried by Confederate troops during battle. So, on May 1st,1863, the second Confederate flag design was adopted, placing the Battle Flag as the canton on a white field. It was named the Stainless Banner. This Rebel flag was mistaken for a truce flag in calm weather, since it would just hang with mostly white showing. This led the Confederacy to create the third Official Rebel flag. On March 4th,1865, a new pattern was adapted. It was the same as the previous design, but with a wide, red stripe on the fly end. The third flag did not last long, since the war came to an end. It was called the Last Confederate flag.

    The Confederate Battle flag is the most recognized Rebel flag. Many people know it from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. The Rebel flag was painted on the top of the Duke Boys' car, the General Lee. The Confederate flag has also appeared on several southern state flags at one time or another. The only state to keep the Rebel flag as part of their state flag presently, is Mississippi.


    Source(s): I'm a true southerner and I know what the flag stands for.
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    It depends on which Southerners you are asking as to what it means. For years it stood for Southern pride even though the flag was not the official flag of the Confederacy but rather the battle flag. When political correctness became the norm, the flag became a source of controversy due to the fact that the KKK adopted it as their symbol during the civil rights era. Also there were leaders in the black community who said that it represented a time of oppression much as the Nazi flag would be to Jewish people. I can see the point with the KKK connection, but the whole thing has mushroomed to the point of wanting to remove every last vestige of the Confederacy because it's offensive to them. Now it's wanting to remove a Confederate's name from schools, parks, and other public buildings just because it's so "offensive". I know some schools don't allow kids to wear anything Confederate-related because some claim it's offensive. Basically, one group feels it's offensive and another group feels it's part of their heritage.

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    a misunderstood, misappropiated flag.

    One thing the Confederate Flag people think is the Confederate Flag isn't. That's the stars and bars which was purely a battle standard which has been misappropiated by the KKK. The Sons of the Confederacy in recent times have tried to get the KKK from using that flag particularly after the KKK has aligned themselves with Neo-Nazis.

    I'm not Southern but that's my answer to what it has meant.

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    The Confederate Flag is not a symbol for racism. It is really just a symbol of southern pride. People are very proud to have been born and raised in the South. I have seen that shirt before and find it to be silly. Only for the fact that the Confederacy lost the war. But anyways, more than anything I think it is a symbol of Southern Pride.

    Mr. Tibbs, I agree completely. I agree that many people do use it as a symbol of racism. But, I do believe that many others use it as a symbol of Southern Pride.

    As far as black people not wearing this flag, that is not true. Plenty of black people here wear that flag. I have actually seen a car decorated in it which was driven by an older black man.

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    I live in Alabama and even here the confederate flag is seen as a sign of being racist. Some people will try to say it's just "southern pride", but ask any educated person down here and they'll all tell you that the only ones who fly their rebel flags are racist rednecks.

    Source(s): Thumbs-down, I don't care. I've lived here my whole life, I know what I'm talking about.
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    So what if it is racist all flags have a racist history people seem to forget the periods before the civlil war where even a bunch of yankees owned slaves..................yes northerners also owned slaves at one time, so that makes the american flag racist, and pretty much every flag ,emblem,and cultural sign.

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    To many white southerners it's a sign of cultural pride and the "War of Northern Aggression" (lol). To many black southerners it's a hearkening back to a dark era of American history.

    SomeoneSecret- Symbols can mean different things to different people. 80 years ago, a swastika was a Hindu/Buddhist symbol to most. Look what it means now.

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    It's "southern", or at least that's what they say. But I have never seen a black southerner flying a Confederate Flag.

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    Its a sigh of the so called accomplishments the south contributed( that what they say but its BS).

    Whatever it mean , it a bad sigh for black people and people of color, for that flag also represented keeping black in bondage

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