movies about the holocaust?

"good" movies about the holocaust, we are learning about it, and i just watched "the boy in the striped pajamas" and im renting "shindlers list" this weekend and wanted some other "good" ones.

(im putting good in "" because obviosly those movies arent good so...ya)

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    Diary of Anne Frank

    Life is Beautiful (La vita è bella)

    Holocaust (1978)

    Sophie Scholl

    the movies are good, they are just not happy.

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    there are not many movies about the holocaust that have really captured it. there are thou however a few that do

    here is a list of some, but if i were you i would just watch movies about world war 2 in general. there are many out there on world war two that are pretty spectacular. i am for some reason addicted to learning about the holocaust but if i were you i would read books on it not watch movies. epically books written by survivors. the book Night is really amazing and also i will plant you a lilac tree, there are some other great ones i have read so just tell me if you want more. but like i said before movies don't really capture the suffering unless you are watching Schindler list witch is amazing

    Source(s): i have read, watched, and listened to over 100 things on the holocaust and world war 2
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    The Pianist --I thought it was a movie about music, so I rented that and Schindler's List all in one night. I was a little depressed after that.

    Mos def see Life Is Beautiful --I thought it was about being happy in Italy, boy was I wrong. I mean all of a sudden I see the Nazi flag waving in the air.

    I rented it the night after the last two movies I mentioned. No wonder the cashier was looking at me all crazy.

  • Life Is Beautiful

    Diary of Ann Frank

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