Internet Explorer & FireFox, help?

Please help come my myspace pages look all messed up in FireFox, but it looks the way I want it to in Internet Explorer? Internet Explorer is my default browser but sometimes I use FireFox too (not very much though). I just so happened to sign into myspace in FireFox & seen my myspace pages (personal & groups) didn't look the same. How do I make it look the same??? Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Different HTML codes. Try finding a website that has codes that work on both. A good one to try is pimp my space (i think) or you can google it. Also try googleing HTML codes for firefox and explorer. Another way to get around it is use the new myspace profile customizer. You can go to some websites and get codes for it instead of using the layouts given by myspace. Hope this helps. Add me at

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    Because Internet Explorer is one of the more widely used internet browsers, and many web pages are designed to be used with IE, as opposed to Firefox which is getting better but sometimes still reads web pages wrong and has small formatting and display issues.

    Its nothing wrong with your computer its just how Firefox displays the HTML commands of web pages, and if it really bothers you then just stick with Internet Explorer, and always use IE over Firefox when you are dealing with important websites, such as banking or registering for schools and things like that.

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    I don't think that's possible unless you change the script you used in your myspace page to something that both internet explorer and mozilla firefox can interpret the same way.

    As you might know, there are some codes that work in IE and not in Firefox, and vice versa. Sorry that I can't help you further. :)

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    4 years ago

    ive used IE for a loong time yet when I have been given Firefox each and every thing replaced into waaaaay swifter. It refreshed immediatly and extra me to the area of the website I had scrolled to. If i wanted to seek for a word or word I in simple terms had to start typing it particularly than clicking CTRL+F and then typing it firefox wins

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    1 decade ago

    Use Avant Browser instead of IE or FF. Its faster and doesn't have all the flaws of IE. Avant has a very nice auto fill tool so you don't always have to enter user names and passwords.

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