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Rodeo Cruelty, What do you think?

Im writing a persuasive essay against rodeo cruelty, stating that the public is misinformed about rodeos, i have several ideas, and I'm just looking for some more ideas i could address in my paper to add body, will you please express how you feel in regards to supporting Rodeo, I'm not looking for arguments, and I dont wish to argue back with individuals

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    growing up and knowing some of the top pro rodeo stock contractors personally i have never seen anyone intentionally abuse rodeo livestock.from having been in front of the chutes and also behind them working with the rough-stock (bulls,broncs) and also being a competitor in saddle bronc riding i have been up close and personal with them,99% of the public could never know how much the livestock is revered by not only the competitors but the contractors and personnel and their performance depends on the health of those animals.if the livestock is hurt or injured they wont want to perform up to their best so not only does the competitor not make any money through winnings but the contractor also does not make any money because they get a bad reputation for poor performing livestock so they wont get any bids from the rodeo committees.unless you have been behind the chutes or have worked in the arena in front of the livestock you will never know how much rodeo depends on the livestock being healthy.

    Source(s): 4th generation cowboy/wrangler/ rodeo bullfighter/barrelman
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    Omgoodness I totally agree. There's this video on youtube of the high school rodeo finals where a horse got in the way of a bull. And it states how cruel it is and how the horse died and that the cowboy hit it with his hat. This is the stupidest thing in the world. I was there. The horse did not die. The cowboy threw the hat to get the bull off. And this very rarely happens. I actually think that rodeo is one of the safest equine sports (compared to eventing and racing? hands down). One thing happens and everybody freaks out about it (not to mention, they aren't even a part of these sports or know anything about them). I think that Barbaro and Eight Belles were amazing horses, but how they've been publicized and how the "whole nation was upset"? They never would have known had it not been all over the news. These were two horses, not an outrageous number like 500. Two! If PETA and ALF would stop blowing things way out of proportion then everybody would calm down. In my own conclusion: The purpose of rodeo is entertainment. We cowboys and cowgirls want to perform well for our audience. How could we expect to compete well if we were abusing our animals? Unhappy animals don't perform. Obviously, I'm completely for rodeo. Kaylo O: You've been to "A rodeo"? One rodeo? And you're voicing your opinion on how cruel it is? One rodeo does not give you any insight into everything we do for the welfare of the animals. Basing what you seem to believe are the cold hard facts on going to ONE RODEO?? I'm placing your answer in the ignorant category. Please research more and then define your opinion.

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    I'm have been in Rodeo a lot of my life, the animals are treated like royalty and safety for both beast and cowboy/girl is the first concern. don't waste your writing power on false cruelty complaints.

    I've worked at rodeos, i know the in's and out's of it, trust me until about 30 years ago, it was cruel but now with all the new laws, these animals are treated better than most people. I've worked with the bulls and the horses and have fed and watered and watch them get trained, they are treated way better than the winner of the kentucky derby or melbourne cup

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    Rodeo cruelty? I have never heard of it. I don't see how its cruel at all. Well, the only thing is they have music and the talking so loud, it hurts my ears and I can only imagine how much it hurts the horse's ears. Other than that, I LOVE rodeos and I don't see a problem with them.

    There are of course those few people that are mean, but thats their problem, not actual rodeos. Besides, they get that in every sport. Lets go ahead and ban eventing because sometimes riders whip their horses. (not really)

    Source(s): dad is ex-rodeo cowboy and his friend was still an active participant up until a few years ago. I have been to tons of rodeos and known rodeo riders.
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    I have been to tons of rodeos and i have never seen an animal get intentionally hurt. I while ago they might have shocked the animals (im not sure if they did that) but there are lots of new rules and they have to keep the animals safe and healthy. Yes sometimes the animals do get injured, but, animals can get injured doing anything.

    I think that the rodeos are fine. They have lots of rules to protect the animals and make sure that they are not hurt.

    Source(s): me
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    there is cruelty in everything,all sports and i believe rodeos are the least of our worries, rodeos have been around for hundreds of years and a big part of our heritage i think it is few and far between,at least we don't stab and beat like those poor circus animals and no one should ever pay to see that or like Mexicans,,stab there bulls and trip there horses that cruel.

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    In all equine activities you will find cruelty of some sort and of different degrees. What I tend to see in the Rodeo circuit is the lack of ability to train and/or ride horses so that they will perform to their best ability. I have seen (and will continue to see) people so angry for a bad time, score, etc, that they blame their horse. I have seen various abuses from jerking on their mouths, on halters, to whipping and lashing their horses because of a "not acceptable" performance. They don't realize that their performance and attitude, as well as riding or training ability is what, most often, causes the horse to perform poorly. Also, the horse may be feeling nervous due to past experiences with their owner's anger after an event. Most often spectators do not see cruel treatments to's what's behind the scenes that is the problem.

    Source(s): Owner and Trainer
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    You could say they're cruel because they shock animals who won't buck and they tie ropes around their genitalia to make them buck...


    They don't do those things. I'd pay good money to see them try to mess with a bull's stuff. As far as horses go, they generally use geldings and mares - no stuff to tie it to!

    Recently, one of the PBR bull riders threw his hat at a bull in anger (he missed, and it was just a felt cowboy hat). He was suspended for several events and had to take anger management classes. Rodeo is a violent, dangerous sport, but they keep it as safe for the animals as they can.

    I love rodeos, especially bull riding. I don't much care for calf roping and steer wrestling, but that's just me.

    Ashlee - That video has been debunked so many times it's pathetic. The horse did not die. He's back doing rodeo. The rider COULD NOT help the horse - putting himself into the fray would only have hurt him, and gotten himself in the way. The clown did NOT throw his hat at the horse, he threw it to distract the bull (a very useful and commonly used technique which does not hurt the animal at all) and the horse got in the way.

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    I once saw a video on youtube of a horse that got stabbed by a bull at some high school rodeo. Yep the bull rammed into the horse knocking him into the air and puncturing him. The horse got right back up but later died or so i was told. And the thing was that his rider did absolutely nothing for him and just stood there watching the poor horse get gored! I hope someone like you can put a stop to this nonsense and ban rodeos alltogether!

    Now i'm not saying all of them are like this but i've been to several rodeos myself and have seen cruelty behind the scenes and not so behind the scenes.


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    not all of it is rodeo cruelty!!!

    i rope and are horse and steers are treated better than most people. I make sure that they have din fed and watered every day and i'm only

    12 :\

    Source(s): my head
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