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What are some American Spectacles that I can write about?

I'm writing a 8-10 research paper, and am looking for topics. Only criteria is that it has to be an American Spectacle and before the year 2000. It can be people, places, events etc. Ex: Babe Ruth, Grand Canyon, etc

List as many as you can think of! Thanks a lot!

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    * The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

    * Charles Lindbergh

    * General James "Jimmy" Doolittle

    * Amelia Earhart

    * Orville and Wilbur Wright

    * Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

    * Major Richard "Dick" Bong

    * Ted Williams

    * Richard Kirkland (aka the Angel of Marye's Heights)

    * Skylab

    * Lou Gehrig

    * Joe Lewis

    * Joe DiMaggio

    * California Gold Rush

    * Jesse Owens

    * The Golden Spike Driven for the Transcontinental Railroad

    * Manhattan Project

    * The CCC

    * Fort McHenry

    * Reconstruction

    * Seward's Folly

    * The 1906 San Francisco Quake

    * USS Constitution (aka Old Ironsides)

    * Peshtigo Fire (happened the same day as the Great Chicago fire and coast more lives and property damage but went largely unnoticed because of Chicago)

    * Watergate

    * Indianapolis 500

    * Tiger Woods

    * The Great Molasses Flood (aka the Boston Molasses Disaster and Great Boston Molasses Tragedy, it was a litteral flood when a fifty foot tall tank of molasses collapsed and released over two million gallons of molasses on the city, killing at least 21 people)

    * USS Thresher

    * CV-6 USS Enterprise

    * Halsey-Doolittle Raid

    * Man o'War

    * Seabiscuit

    * The Triple Crown

    * The Lost Colony

    * Sarah Jospeha Hale

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    The '92 LA Riots is a very interesting topic.

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