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Swine Flu Im Scared..............................?

hey im 14 and i suffer from autism which can sometimes make me have high anxiety and worry about the mildist of things like the weather....but when i found out about this swine flu i was really scared i currently live in the uk but im still worried it will be a serious epidemic virus and i go to sleep every night thinking will i wake up tomoro healthy... or infected

plz help im really worried :(:(


please bear in mind autism is not catching it doesnt kill you....and.....Autistic people rule!!!!!!!!!

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    Relax my dear, the swine flu angel is here for you. Just calm down and take a deep breath. Relax. The swine flu began in Mexico, where thousands of people are infected and so far 81 deaths have been reported. The virus is spreading, however, people can stop it by staying safe and being smart. All you have to do is be safe and smart.

    Only 20 cases have been reported in the US alone, and none of these people have died. This is good, and relieving right? Yes.. just think, there's billions of us, and we can all stay safe. I have not heard of this virus spreading to Wisconsin, or another state so far. Please stay updated with your current news network/ or radio station.

    Remember, if you somehow, unfortunately become infected with the virus, you cannot die. If you seek medical help on time, you can be treated and safe. The 20 people infected in the US, barely had any medical attention and are recovering at home. The only reason people in Mexico died, is because they do not have all the medicines and technology that we do here. Please relax..

    I hope this warms your heart, and allows you to relax..

    Feelings or symptoms to watch out for:

    - diarrhea

    - vomiting

    - headache

    - fatigue

    - sneezing

    - coughing

    - sore throat

    - body aches and pains

    - fever

    These are only a few of the symptoms.. and yes, they are also really the same ones as the common cold, seasonal flu and regular flu. If you feel like you have one of these symptoms, do not panic. Keep yourself healthy and at home. However, if these symptoms get worse, then maybe you can consider heading to a local clinic/hospital (but do not panic..).

    Things you can do at home or to be safe:

    - carry around hand sanitizer

    - clean your house as much as you can (spray lysol disinfectant spray-or other brand/spray on doorknobs, your bathroom, your yard, kitchen, bedrooms, mailboxes, etc. anywhere that you will most likely touch).

    - wear a mask or gloves for further protection.

    - wash your hands often, at least 5-6 times a day or more.

    - avoid sick people, avoid sneezes or coughs.

    - avoid large crowds, like malls or schools or busy streets.

    - shower, brush your teeth, practice good hygiene.

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    Please don't be afraid of Mexican classmates. That isn't good. I lived next door to extremely nice Muslim neighbors for about 15 years. After the terrorist attack at the Pentagon, I was defensive for my neighbors and very protective for them. It is people in Mexico who have bad cases of the Swine flu. Your class mates probably don't even know any of the people affected by the swine flu. The important thing to do, is to eat healthy, exercise, practice good hygiene, and wash your hands with soap and water. Your school will probably have many assemblies concerning the swine flu and also to alert students that their class mates shouldn't be shunned. Treat your classmates as you would want them to treat you. They are just as scared as you. They also have the additional burden of being Mexican where the outbreak has been devastating. Hang in there and be kind. By the way, I was the white minority at my school in San Francisco. There were mostly Mexicans, some blacks and some whites. I worked for 33 years for the Federal Government and again, I was the minority. I got along with everyone (except my last supervisor- bleahhhh!)

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    What makes me feel a little safer is that there are over 6 billion people on this planet, only 40 have been infected in the USA and 1000 in Mexico. Deaths are also low with only 80 in Mexico. Compared to 6 billion that is nothing. You will be fine, just keep clean, wash your hands more then often and do not touch your mouth or eyes.

  • well today they gave us a paper in school that said the symptoms are just like normal flu. you get it from being around sick people just like the regular flu. it also said if you get it stay out of school for about a week and just get allot of sleep, vitamins, ect...and try not to infect other people; and you should heal up just fine. so to keep safe just dont be around sick people, wash befroe yo eat or touch your mouth/eyes...its not much to worry about my mom said this kind of thing happened in the 90's and everything turned out ok. i was pretty scared too but after i was informed i felt alot better...luckly its in N.Y.C. and mexico right now not the you have some time before it gets there. i hope you dont get it and you stay healthy...i hope i could help

    Source(s): school letter
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    Don't worry, I think I got it 2 weeks ago in the USA, I live in Venezuela. When I came here, I got a cold, that was a week ago. The only thing I got now is coughing and a lot of slime from my nose. You should just get a mask and use it around where you go, so, that you don't get it. And don't get near to people with it.

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    Don't watch the news. It's really bad for you - worse than flu.

    Read a good book to distract you from such irrational thoughts.

    Read chapter 1 of Ctrl-Z on the link. It will give you something else to think about.

    Or watch Bernard's Watch on Youtube. It's good gentle reassuring stuff - you might know it already...

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    Dont worry im just llike you...I hear about some disease, like cancer, or something. And i immerdiately think Oh My Gosh im going to get this disease and DIE

    Dont worry Swine Flu, is not ever going to affect you TRUST ME.

    I know it sounds scary, it only sounds scary because its new and unknown to some people.

    Dont Worry your 14 just have fun, YOU WONT GET IT TRUST ME

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    Don't worry. Swine flu is really susceptible to Tamiflu. If you come down with the flu, eat Tamiflu. Any doctor is ready to prescribe it. It will fix you right up.

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    ok well me i'm not worried and here's why ok there was a flu epidemic in 1918 was REALLY bad! it is called the black plague look it up. it is interesting but disturbing i have a book on it i will show you how they died can't fined the part in the book but really all it was is they had a cough,fevers the usual but then their feet would turn brown,they would start coughing up blood and pieces of there liver but it only got worse they would end up drowning themselves in their own saliva peaceful way to die isn't it.

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    I also have a high level of panic about this, but as long as your immune system is strong, if it does reach the UK, you should be fine. Yes you will still have flu symptoms, but if you are otherwise healthy, it should go away.

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