Can you transfer money from a WaMu account to a Suntrust account?

I'm off to Florida State University this summer and with my FSU card I am also opening a Suntrust account. My sister who will be helping me has a WaMu account and she will need to transfer money from her account to mine. Is it possible to do so without charges or having to walk in to a Suntrust bank physically?

Thank you.

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    Have your sis go to the WaMu website login (she must have online banking to do this) to her account and look under transfers then go to extenal transfers which is where you can make transfers from one bank to another bank have her follow the instructions...also she will need info from you regarding your bank account at SunTrust.......but just so you know unless your sister is on your account at Suntrust she will not be able to make the transfer because typically these transfers are people who are on the account the money is going may have to do what is called a wire transfer....and if this is the case she may have to go into a physical branch and do the transfer but I think WaMu has this available online...but in any case your sister would have to initiate everything not you because you can't request money to be withdrawn from her account....also as far as fees you have to either call and ask or go to the website to see the fee schedule because most banks don't offer either services for free but both I can almost guarantee will be less than $30...the external transfer a couple bucks $3-$5 but if you have to do a wire transfer anywhere from $10-30 but WaMu has alot of services for free so look into it --- hope I've helped

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    Your sister would need to get your banking information at Suntrust. She would need to submit a wire request to WAMU. It's highly unlikely that they would do this for free at WAMU and would probably charge around 10 bucks in order to wire money to another bank.

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