How different is high school from middle school?

I am going into my 1st year of high school this coming up school year and I was just wondering some things. do people still wear the same clothing brands as in middle school? What kinds of kids get picked on? Is the food better than in middle school? What about the social scene? How many kids are having sex? And what about dating 9I'm a girl) You don't have to answer all of these if you don't want to. Thanks in advance.

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    honestly it's the same as middle school

    the only difference is that everyone looks a little older

    and they may be a litte more mature but then again some aren't

    and also a lot of people change in high school

    & puberty and everyone's hormones are going crazy

    and people are trying to impress other people and trying to be "cool" but in reality it's not important what others think about anyone, in general

    that's about it

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    Were I live, a lot is different. People are a lot more mature.

    They wear a lot of the same clothes, and the food is better because you can go wherever cause you don't have to stay on campus. I find that alot less people get picked on because everyone is starting to mature but even in my middle school people didnt get bullied, you really just talked about people behind their back.

    Alot more kids are having sex, but i wouldnt worry about that. Lame middle school dating when your friends force you to hold hands is pretty much over. Relationships are more serious.

    Going to high school is a big change but trust me, High School is sooooo much better than Middle School!

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    Well, there is a big difference between middle school and highschool. For one thing, you are considered to be "acting more mature". Clothing can be checked by asking your mom/dad/guardian to take you there while class is in session to get a "feel for the place" you can scope out the clothing attire and it might help you figure out what to wear. As far as the social scene you will have to figure out where you fit in, the tradition titles are the preps<they dress nice>, jocks<sports lovers>, nerds<usually smart/gifted, band<like music and so on>, only you can decide where you feel comfortable. Often times kids change groups until they find the one they love the most. I recommend that. About sex, too many seem to be involved, but you just keep yourself doing better things than that, you have your whole life ahead of you. That should not be the center of your universe. College, further education, making life time career choices, etc. Do your homework, you will only be in highschool for four years, make the most of it. Better yourself, and do not try to be like others, be hardworking, and learn.

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    It all depends on a couple of different things, especially how many schools are merging into one. We had 5 pretty big schools merging into one high school just as freshman. Merging is a huge thing because the more kid there are, the more you have to try to make new friends.

    At my school, most people did wear the same brand clothing as they did in middle school. Some of the popular people think Aeropostale is kiddish now, but I'm in 10th grade, and I still love shopping there. I'm not a nerd at school, either. Hollister and Abercrombie definitely are popular in high school, but I hate those stores!

    Nobody at my school is really picked on unless they asked for it. If you annoy someone or cause trouble, of course people are going to pick on you. For the most part, though, we kind of all just do our own thing.

    The food is better, in my opinion, in high school. I never ate lunch in school in middle school, but the food definitely looked bad. I eat lunch in the cafeteria at my high school now, and it isn't bad.

    If you don't get yourself into the wrong crowd, sex isn't a big deal, at least where I go to school. Where I go, you see the occasional pregnant girl walking by, but that's it. None of my friends are into that kind of stuff.

    Freshman definitely date, and it's the perfect opportunity to since you are meeting tons of new people! I know a freshman who dated a senior. They didn't last, but stuff like that does/will happen.

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    I'm in Australia, I don't know where you are, so the cliques and stuff may be different where you are.

    I went to high school for years 7 and 8, I'm in year 9 now, being home schooled. Year 7 was my first year in high school, i'm not going to lie, I was extremely nervous. At my school our new class settled in my finding a new friend, they'll probably do something to that effect with you guys too. I found my friend Kristen, we're still friends now.

    Everywhere you go there's going to be a few troublemakers. I'm not the coolest of kids, sure, there were a few names thrown at me. I mean, nothing I couldn't deal with. But that's me, the overweight Harry Potter nerd. You seem nice, you'll be okay.

    At my school there were a few groups, like the goth kids who hung out near the canteen, the pretty (often nasty) girls who would sit together with their noses in the air, sometimes fighting amongst themselves about boys and whatnot, the sporty boys, and there were a lot of people who were just in between.

    The food is better in high school, there's healthier options like salad and things like that. More of a variety, really.

    I don't know about the clothing brands, as we wore a uniform. But people kind of tried to make the uniform "stylish", the quotation marks are for those who pull their skirt up so high under their blouse, so their skirt looks more like a belt.

    Nobody was having sex, no way. Even some of the boys weren't quite out of that 'ew, girls' stage. Don't be influenced by peer pressure, have a good time in high school.

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    it shouldn't matter what clothes the ppl wear or how the ppl act to who they pick on. The best advice is to just be yourself. If you aren't true to yourself through high school you wont know who you are in college and it will be a constant struggle through those for years. High school isn't all its cracked up to be. Whether you are the most popular or the nerd you will have drama and trouble to deal with. So its best to be who you are and have friends that are like you so that when you need a shoulder to cry on, you will have a true friend, not someone who will stab you in the back a month later.

    as for sex. SERIOUSLY!!! i'm a senior in high school and i have seen soooo many of my friends getting pregnant and dropping out and being a single mom. So many of their dreams have been shattered because they were too stupid to not be themselves and not do what everyone else is doing. and too stupid to have protection. I wouldn't recommend having sex and if u think u want to get on the pill and talk to ur mom. b/c i don't think she would approve and if she did i do think u would need a person who has experience to talk to after.

    seriously... high school will eb a let down. yes you will have some amazing memories but looking back on it it wont be everything you always thought it would be.

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    Here is how my experience has went so far:

    Clothing Brands=It seems to me that more people wear what they want instead of trying to by the cool brands, also I noticed that not as many people find wearing the name of a brand on their shirt cool.

    Kids get picked on=Anyone can, but at my school the kids who smell bad get picked on pretty bad, but hey, they should take a shower once in a while LOL, but remember it isn't nice to pick on kids, don't just do it cause other people are. Just be yourself, I promise it is the best for you!

    Food=Depends on your school, but mine is the same because the Junior High and High School for my district share the same cafeteria, but I noticed that the other nicer schools in my area have way more variety than my school which just serves the basic meal and a chocolate milk box, it's boring.

    Social Scene=For me, my cheer competitions, what ever season it is I Like to go watch the sports teams for my school, the maLL, movies, a friends house, the occasional party, I'm not a big party goer though, because there is usually beer and I don't want to get into trouble, so stay away from those parties, u can get arrested for just being there.

    Sex=The only way to put it really is that some people are a virgin and some are not. I would definitely say that more people have sex in high school and there is more pressure for it, but don't get dragged into doing something your not ready for, I'm a virgin and nobody could care less, respect yourself and people respect you, it's not like they will go around making fun of u for being a virgin.

    Dating=Pretty much the same as Junior High, but you will probably see more serious relationships, and there are more things to do and places to go, depending on what your parents let you do.

    I was scared for my 1st day, and the whole day kinda goes like a blur, but u get used to it in Like 2 weeks, then it seems like u have been there forever, but my experience has been pretty good so far, I'm just trying to make the best of it=]

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    High school is a hell of a lot different than middle school.

    It's just so different i can't even explain it.

    *The food isn't much better.

    *Depends on what school your going to about the clothing brands. But for the most part yeah the cloths are the same.

    *The ppl aren't though.

    *High schoolers for the most part high schoolers are a lot more mature and like different things than middle schoolers.

    *You can get picked on no matter who you are. It's kinda life.

    *The girls are a lot more bitchier than in middle school(they are at my school anyway).

    *And the best part is everybody is having sex

    Have fun

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  • I'm in 9th grade now and it's not that different from middle school. The food is a lot better at my high school. People wear the same things. No one really gets picked on. There's a lot more freedom in high school. I like it a lot more than I liked middle school.

    Hope this helps :)

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    Yeah people wear the same stores, but they also branch out a little and people 'test' a lot of styles so if you want a change now is the time to do it.

    All kinds of kids get picked on, I've seen obviously nerds get picked on and I've seen some popular people get "picked on too". It really depends on who the person making fun of you is. But its really not that bad.

    YES, its way better in my middle school we had only 2, sometimes 3 choices for lunch now we have 5 or 6 choices, but you spend way more money.

    The social scene is pretty good. You get more friends and a lot of people aren't really that mean even though they might look like it.

    Well at my school there is sex, but not to much of it, we have two maybe three pregnant people right now, but they are older. Its not that hard to find a boyfriend though.

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