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Travel Advisories..... ?

US advising against travel to Mexico (duh), Europe advising against travel to US...

Like a responder to one of my questions suggested... are WE the ones being closed off? And if you think so, what would be the possible reasons for doing so?

Update 3:

Ooo. Smarter Than You: Really unnecessary. I usually always give a thumbs up, but I just can't do that this time. Won't give you a thumbs down either, I'll let the other responders decide.

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    In Tactics you isolate first they eliminate.

    In politics it is insult, belittle, and tear down, then eliminate.

    In the socialists/communist world we live in it is the obvious conspiracy,

    "our" enemies concocted first, the economic failure and now they have developed a swine,bird,human flu virus in hidden labs in Luxembourg that will isolate us and make us close the border to Mexico and Canada as the world closes its borders to us.

    This was planned by the Eskimo branch of the Illuminati who are responsible for the training of the evil circus camel trainers in North Korea and Iran that learned their methods from ex members of the Latvia KGB that were trained by Japanese Kamikaze pilots that got lost and were hiding in the hills of Argentina waiting for the emperor to tell them to come home. The only way to stp this evil take over is to rewrite the Constitution to ban all liberals and the ACLU. Expelling them to GITMO where they will rebuilt it in their image of the perfect society. Five times a day, they can pray to Uncle Che and Father Fidel for guidance. They can have all the Monopoly money they want to play with. They by Presidential decree we transfer all the debt they created to them and tell them to let the tourists dollars pay it off. We will of course be humanitarians about it. They can have all the PBJ they want. or at least the peanut butter and jelly, the bread will have to be procured by them locally.

    Source(s): The policies and methods of management the US government has used to help us over the years.
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    The Cartels have been expanding their base through maniacal tactics like I've never seen or heard of. When the beheadings became standard fare (several in one massacre as I recall) it was just too much for even Tom Brokaw to try glossing over.

    The good news is that, in recent months, the citizens of Mexico have been organizing, marching on the Capitol and even fighting fire with fire.

    "Smarter Than You" must have gotten himself some bad frijoles. Most Mexicans are a far cry from the nomadic sympathy-saps and drug smugglers with any reason to leave their own nation (Mexico is the 12th richest in the world, an exploding middle class... why leave?).

    The patriots down there could learn something from Costa Rica. Smack in the middle of Latin America's most gang-shredded nations and hardly a hint of them in CR.


  • Well the advisories are rather smart but it amazes me how the good old US of A would be the point of contention or isolation in this. Kids from around the world have traveled to Mexico and in fact the supposed ( sorry....I keep sneezing and sniffling and am fighting this fever) flu is cropping ... or is it popping up in worldwide locations.

    (Man I need some medicine)

    This is starting to remind me of something... was it Captain Tripps?

  • Containing the flu is top priority right now. Our close relationship with Mexico and the fact that probably as many as 40-60 million Mexican citizens reside within the United States is the main reason "WE are being closed off"

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    Some countries, out of an abundance of caution, are advising (not barring) their citizens not to visit any country that has reported cases of swine flu. This includes America, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand, among others.

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    The virus has been detected in Mexico and in the US and Canada and lots of other places. Advising against travel is different that being closed off.

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    Canada advised against going to Mexico. Did we advise not to go to Mexico for flu reasons? There's been an advisory being renewed for years advising care due to drug cartels and tourist kidnappings.

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    If I was a European official I would discourage anybody from setting foot on the North American continent right now, at least for another two weeks. They are just trying to keep the germs out as much as they can.

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    The only thing I'd be worried about in Mexico would be drug dealers shooting at one another.

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    They are trying to "contain" as best they can this outbreak in swine flu. Nothing more

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