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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Chaparral K-9? Good? Wolf hybrids? White German Shepard's? Training? EASY 10 POINTS!?

I plan on getting a wolf hybrid from

Has anyone every gotten a dog from here? Or had training done? Please fill me in with lots of detail. If you got a wolf hybrid, please email me

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I don't like them as breeders, they are doing lots of litters, they have the litter number next to the puppies photo, and in the wolf dog there was 3 separate litters available now. some of the puppies are over 3 months old, so at 12 weeks that would be old to get a wolf pup, I am sure it would be better to get them younger, so they are breeding dogs to excess.

    On the WGSD pages, I could not find any information on the hip scores and other health testing done, and that makes this not a good webpage. I also STRONGLY disagree with the comment that there WGSD do not have wolf added, even though elsewhere in the world it is the norm for this to happen. I have never heard of this, and I do a lot of research in the WGSD and research the european pages with a translator, never ever have I seen it even mentioned.

    I have supplied a couple of page below, I would recommend you do further study before deciding to purchase a wolf hybrid

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You are already off on a very bad foot. Someone too lazy to do their own research about the dog they're getting should NOT be raising a German Shepherd... they are a very strong-willed dog that requires a STRONG PACK LEADER. I don't mean yelling and hitting it -- I mean being in calm control at all times, working with the dog every single day, and exercising it for 2-3 HOURS every single day. That's right... 2 - 3 HOURS. EVERY DAY. Not just when you feel like it. Shepherds are active pack animals, closely related to WOLVES and they need lots and lots of work to do or they can be aggressive, unpredictable, and dangerous. That's why they make such great police and drug dogs. If you are a "model" - are you seriously going to have time to raise, train, and work with a dog like that? Especially a large, strong, pack dog that will weigh as much as you when it's full-grown and is capable of killing small animals and children ? Think about it. I think you need a reality check and to meet with a local dog expert before taking on that kind of commitment. A more appropriate dog would be a little lap dog that is bred to live inside and would require a lot less hands-on (but it will still require training and daily attention no matter what - just not walking for hours) Or, you might have to hire someone to train and care for the dog - but then what's the point? Seriously - time to re-think this German Shepherd thing don't you think?

  • 1 decade ago

    There are at least two different established breeds of wolf-dog hybrid.

    One is the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

    and the second is the Saarloos Wolfhound

    For information about wolf-dog hybrids you can also read here:

    And of course there are also breeders (if you want to call them that) who produce litters by mixing a wolf with whatever dog they see fit to.

    I talked to many owners of the above mentioned breeds and they ALL say the same:

    NO it is NOT the same like having a "normal" dog. Most of the wolf-hybrids can´t stay alone at home at all. - And make no mistake they WILL find a way out. (One owner told me that his male BIT his way through a thick wooden door and at another try to leave him for a few minutes went straight to the CLOSED window!!!) Wolf-hybrids are VERY shy. And no amount of training and socializing can change that - it´s just the wolf heritage!

    Don´t misunderstand me: I LOVE wolves and can understand that you want to have such an animal BUT because I love them I will never ever get one. Wolves are wild animals and should be left this way. There are so many other great dog breeds out there... Why produce wolf-dog hybrids that are in too many cases get out of control and end up in the best case in rescue???

    If you are interested in a White Shepherd go for it! They are great dogs and far easier to train and to live with. Do yourself a favor and take one of them!

    There are lots of rescues - even puppies.

  • 5 years ago

    All dogs play rough. However if his play is borderline aggressive or if he is actually HURTING the other dogs due to his exuberance, then i would stop bringing him to the park immediately. Learn here

    It's your job as his owner to keep him under control, and if you can't so that then you shouldn't be bringing him someplace where he could get into trouble.

    How often does he get walked? As a high energy breed he should be walked twice a day for as long as he can stand it. Jogging is even better. You can't count on the park to be your only way of exercising him because he obviously is not ready for it (based on the behavior you describe.)

    So start walking him every morning and evening. Enroll in an obedience class with a qualified instructor (i would find a private training facility as opposed to one at Petsmart - as good as some of those trainers can be, they're mainly for easy-to-train dogs and don't specialize in herding breeds OR dogs that may have aggression issues) and he/she will show you how to teach your dog how to come.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have a wolf hybrid and they are the coolest things. The problem with them is the fact that they are hard to train. The fact that that they are half wolf will make them even more pack animals so I suggest getting them a friend, and lastly they howl. If you live in a neighborhood they will not be good indoor pets because they love to howl and they need lots of room to run. If you can still have one then I promise you will be very happy together.

    Source(s): Have one.
  • 1 decade ago

    I would not get a Wolf dog puppy mill.

    There are lots of Wolf rescues cause so many people don't know how to deal with an exotic animal. The Wolf dog ends up being too much to handle. one would need to know a lot about canine behavior to understand the Wolf dog behavior. It is not like owning any other canine.

    To find out where a wolf rescue close to you is just type in Wolf Rescue in _________ (name of state or city)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I started my blood line about 25 years ago all my blood was health we traded and bought and sold to each other I am trying to her cell number right now to buy the while one born on my birthday aug 18 my name is Ruthann browning I still get xmas pix from people who have my dogs which started wone of her 20 years a go I am a re tied therperist her phone is out of oder does anyone have her e mail or cell call me I want that dog from her 7402210766 or someone is sueing her ater 30 years it was bound to happen anyone can sue anyone I know her and jim she would give ther money back or replace the dog but as a one time breading people do things mabe by accident to a pup or dog and then want there money back or or bring u a pup back w a broken leg and say it is defective so I do not know but I do know I have been in contacked w her for 20 years and sent people to her and to the best of my knowledge no compants the have good clean pen work hard kind of people and I have a god so I would not lie about this as I have nothing to gain form it but please get me her e mail or cell phone I had to put my k9 down 2 days ago not from her blood line he was from beigum shipped in Charlene I got from her saved my life 2 times once taken a gun froma clinet hand that was pointed at me and once when I was going into the car at night which I was told not to work that late but the dog got thme came back bloody the zpd did not find the person d and a was not as populaer is now please have her call me 7402210766 or if u read this karn call me I going to get one soon have all our k9 people looking for me everyone loved my marley

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't see how this is legal owning a Wolf.They are very unpredictable and are called wild animals.I would never trust one or want one around my grandkids.They are beautiful and my favorite to see at the zoo or in the wild,period.As with the White german shepherd I use to have one as a child and just like any shepherd are great but not classified for show..

  • 5 years ago

    I purchased a mid content wolf dog from these breeders a little over 12 years ago. She passed away early this year. She was the most obedient, intelligent, intuitive canine companion I have ever had. I Have read some negative reviews about chaparral ranch recently, but my experience was wonderful.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    What is a "Registered Wolf Dog"? I am very curious about what the breeding gods have to say about this.

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