What's the best face mask to protect from swine flu?

I've read the 3M N95 model is a good one...is this true. What about face masks for younger children?


BillyBob: what's your address cause I'm going to buy a 2-pack!

Update 2:

I'm not from Mexico & haven't been in contact with anyone who has it, I just want to be prepared!

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    3M makes NIOSH N95 respirator masks that have been approved by the FDA for use by the general public during a public health medical emergency, such as an influenza pandemic. They make two models of these masks the 8670F and the 8612F. A box of 20 count 8670F run $27.38 and a box of 20 count 8612F run $23.41. They have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years if stored properly. You can visit www.my3mn95.com for more information and an instructional video. Neither mask should be used by children. The LA Times news article below examines the effectiveness of respirators and the swine flu. The short answer is that scientists don't know how effective respirators are because we don't very much about the swine flu. Please note that these aren't the only kind of NIOSH N95 particulate respirators out there, these are simply the ones that have been approved for use by the general public due to the consumer friendly instructions and pamphlets and videos produced by 3M as well as the testing of product components to avoid skin allergies in consumers. Read the FAQ for more about this.

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    Glove Safety Inc. (440) 465-3772 P.O. Box 23788 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023

    Disposable Surgical Mask, Disposable Nitrile/ Latex Medical Gloves, Safety Goggles, Disinfected, Personal Protection Equipment


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    A regular mask will not do...that's crazy! I also read that the N95 mask is good for that. I am also looking into buying one to be ready just in case..just to be safe too!! I saw a mask on Entertainment Tonight they said was good and looked nice and looked confortable...The problem is, they didn't mention the name or I missed it and can't find it on the internet. (April 29, 2009) If you find out anything , let me know. I want to buy one too! Good luck!

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    A "respirator" mask is the best kind. It blocks small particles. Surgical masks don't. One example is the N95 model. Take a look here:


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    those mask, even the optimal high quality surgical mask are designed to guard against micro organism and different large debris. they're in many circumstances seen ineffective against viruses. If there are no longer any suggested circumstances on your area, then you definately would desire to evaluate keeping off public places. even although, now could be no longer the time to panic, basically ward off all and sundry who's ill and save washing those palms and bypass to the healthcare expert in case you have a fever, cough etc. additionally a observe: Any recommendations for homeopathic scientific care can in many circumstances be seen ineffective. in case you sense ill, bypass to a real healthcare expert. a number of those option drugs could have an unexpected consequence on genuine drugs in case you do in certainty would desire to take them.

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    There's no reason to buy and wear a mask unless you already have issues with your respiratory tract. Use tissue for coughing and sneezing, wash your hands often, avoid people who are obviously sick (as you would in any case) and stay home if you're ill. There have been a total of 40 cases in the U.S as of today's date (04/27/09).

    Source(s): I'm a nurse.
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    Are you from Mexico or anywhere near? or have had any contact with anyone been or from Mexico since the outbreak of the swine flu?

  • None. You don't need one. There have been about 20 cases in the US, and all sufferers recovered completely. The public emergency is a 'just in case' warning, better safe than sorry.

    If you do end up with it, treat it like a normal flu, and it'll go away. You're making more out of it than there is.

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    A face mask protects people from swine flu :S?

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    Here's an article that tells about buying flu masks. It even offers CDC advice on how to make your own flu mask:


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