What is a good slogan, logo and a name for..?

a service selling hot dogs, beverages and ice cream??? thanks for your help :)

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    Ice and Spice

    The logo need not have the products in it as it has a diversified product line.

    Slogan could be place for fun if u are promoting the place than the products .

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    Logo, slogan, and the name is the three basic brand elements and very important for brand recognition and recall.

    guideline for creating these elements.

    Name: is very difficult to change once developed.

    name must be easy to pronounce, remember, and meaning full

    Logo: can be changed over time. but it must be relevant to the product and eye catching.

    Slogan: it may be basic positioning statement or a short phrase that attract customers. in foods items you may use some health related slogans.

    please feel free to ask more

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    Franks and dranks

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