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A pigeon (homing pigeon?) is sitting on my house...?

I think it's someone's pet because it has a blue band on one leg and a white one on the other, and it's tail feathers have been clipped. I want it to go away but it just sits there, crapping on my porch. I've tried scaring it away, but no luck.

Any ideas where someone who has lost a homing pigeon would post a 'lost pet' notice? Or know any good ways to make it want to leave? I'm not anxious to shoot it, so that would be the suggestion of last resort. Anything else?


BTW we're in south east Long Beach CA.

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    Its almost impossible to make pigeons leave. And people with pigeons like that don't put up missing pets. They usually fly and race them. They're not worried about losing a few. We are getting rid of all ours but one stays around and we can't get rid of it either. You can try to catch him and sell him or if you can see the leg band numbers you can contact the owner of the pigeon. They don't get scared by anything. My mom has put up bright red balloons and red cloth he just lands on it. The people down the street tried a fake owl. They eventually caught on that its not real. They're not really worth trying.

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    There is this sticky goo that you can spray down where it likes to roost. Apparently they don't like sticky stuff on their feet.

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    *8 years later* Is it still there? 😂😂

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    tie shiny ribbons all near the are where it lands or buy one of those plastic owl things

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    Leave it alone. It will leave shortly

    Source(s): Racing Pigeon Group
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    It should leave when it gets hungry.

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