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Cardio for beginners?

I need a cardio routine that is easy for not-so-fit people. Perhaps a treadmill routine


what speed should i run?

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    Start building a running base. Walk at a quick speed for 5 or 6 minutes and then jog for 1 minute. As you get better then decrease the amount of time you spend walking. After a while you should be able to jog the entire time. Once you do this then you can start increasing the speed. I'd say start at about 3 miles per hour for the walk and go up to about 5 for when you jog. Just do what is comfortable to you. If 3 and 5 are to fast or to slow then adjust them as you need to.

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    I don't have a treadmill plan.. but every time I am tired but really want to get a workout in, I pop in my Leslie Sansone DVD. She has different levels of walking videos. Very simple, at home walking. The miles are tracked for you.. I am currently doing one that has the jogging and high intensity interval training.. but I also have one that is 1,2,3 miles and she always has a group with one person that does the modified (lower) version of her activity. If you have a Laptop, you can pop the dvd in and watch TV while doing the exercise. They are usually about an hour a day.. Or you can purchase a treadmill and go for about 30 minutes to start..

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    Run for 20 minutes every other day. Then after about 3-4 weeks, pump up the time to 30 mins. Go biking for 40 minutes of fridays. This is great for beginnners, you need to start off with "liking to run"

    Don't try to push it to the limit too early.

  • or try walking for 3 or 4 mins, then jogging for 1, walking 3 or 4, increase to 1.5 mins or however long you can stand running. alternate between walking and running/jogging though and youll find it much easier

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    the nice and comfortable button is working in the direction of velocity and distance, no longer the two at as with out postpone as. do you decide directly to get faster? do you decide directly to have greater suitable staying potential? attempt walking (or walking at a comfortable %..) for like 5-7 minutes to warmth up. while you try to boost your velocity then run at 80-ninety% for 10-15 seconds and then walkk/jog till finally your heart fee is back down decrease back and then do sprint/stroll for the period of decrease back like 4 circumstances. in case you decide directly to construct up your staying potential the suitable factor you're waiting to do is in basic terms attempt to incerase your distance and as with out postpone as you get to love 3.5-4 miles then start up increasing your velocity. play around with the incline and spot what that does for you. exceedingly plenty on any cardio gadget you quite ought to do as much as you ought to and then the subsequent time you do it upload on time or velocity boost untill you get greater suitable suitable and bigger suitable, it takes time.

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    Just start slowly and when you feel tired stop. You will gradually increase your endurance.

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