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what method does iowa use to make money?

I am doing a project and I need to know how most people in Iowa make money. This is the instructions on the project

"List the way your state(Iowa) makes the majoirty of its money.

Tbh I cant find it at all on the internet. Does anyone know?

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    I can't tell from your question whether you want to know how the state raises money or how individuals in Iowa earn money.

    If it's the former, most of the state revenue comes from a variety of taxes (such as income taxes, sales taxes, taxes on corporations, gasoline, cigarettes, gambling, etc) and from fees charged by the state.

    If your question is the latter, most individuals in Iowa work for someone else - either for a private or a public employer. The rest of the working population own & operate their own businesses and work for themselves.

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    Lets reword the question so you may understand it better.

    "What is the main method your state (Iowa) uses to generate the revenue it needs to pay it's bills."

    States do not make money. They have to obtain it from some other source. Only nations print money which is why all 50 states have the same currency. Common methods of generating revenue for states are taxation, fees, lotteries, transfer payments from the Federal government and possibly donations.

    Which is the most common in Iowa?

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