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Ancient Muslim Army (The Caliphate Army Actually)?

Can anyone of the Ramadan users shed some light on the ancient islamic army?

Thank you so much

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    The Caliphate Army or the Rashidun Army as it was known was an ancient army under the Muslims Caliphs who ruled over the middle-east, North Africa & the Baluchistan region.

    The army at the time of the noble prophet was generally a band of volunteers as was under the time of Caliph Abu Bakr The Great, It was under the reign of Caliph Umar that the Rashidun Army was incorporated as a regular batch of soldiers & where salaries were given from the State Treasury or Bait UL Mal.

    This army comparetively smaller than the disciplined armies of both the Sanian & Byzantine Rulers was able to bring these two world powers to its knees within a period of 15 years from its existence!

    A great thing of this army was its ability to move at a rate faster than its peers. For eg, in the battle of Yarmouk it took the Byzantine armies & its allies 1 week (Some reports say i month)to assemble in the Yarmouk valley, the muslim Army hardly took 2-3 days.

    Another aspect was that this great army did not have supply lines, it carried whatever it needed with itt in its march. This meant that if it faced danger or was tailed its precious supply couldnt be cut off.

    Further from a distance this army looked like a Caravan, a small band deceptive but potent to inflict great damage. This army under attack, would disperse in seconds, regroup & attack in a movement known as the double envelopment r its variation, the pincer movement.

    Further its generals, namely Khalid bin Waleed, who is recorded in history as undefeated in 100 wars, had initiated a "Mobile Guard"

    roughly translated as an army of movement.

    This Guard was like a reserve, but always on its prowl like a tigre, any weakness or gap or any misformation of the enemy, this guard was known to swoop down & break the spine of its enemy.

    The mobile guard was used efectively in the Battle of Yarmouk by Khalid bin Al-Waleed where nearly 3/4 of the Byzantine army was massacred!

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    Greatest army of all time. Limited resources as being from Arabia, yet they still dominated and made Persians and Byzantines quiver in their boots.

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    Yeah...they expanded the Islamic Empire through "defensive" fighting only.


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