hp dv5 cant play 1080p movies?

hey guyz i just downloaded 3 movies. two of them are 720 p and one is in 1080p quality i.e. 12gb of movie. i have downloaded community codec pack and the 720p movies are running fine but when ever i play 1080p movie, it is very very slow.. the sound moves ahaed of video. i am totally pissed of because this is my new laptop. and i diddnt want this ti happen

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  • Jon. J
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    1 decade ago
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    1080p files require quite a bit of processor and memory bandwidth in order to play properly.

    If you think about it, 1080p is 1920×1080, or 2,073,600 pixels in total. The colour is 24 bit, requiring three bytes per pixel. So that's 6,220,800 bytes per frame which is 6MB. Assuming 25 frames per second, you get 155,520,000 bytes or 155MB a second. And that's a lot. And that's not including sound...

    Sure, the movie compresses down to smaller file sizes, nut it uncompresses on the way past the CPU and does equate to these file rates.

    The HP dv5 has got an nvidia 9200M GS graphics card in it. It's not the best graphics card in the world. It's suitable for lightweight gaming duties and should play HD video just fine. But you screen only runs at 1280x800 as a maximum.

    The 1080 part of 1080p video refers to the vertical resolution. If your screen is putting out less than 1080 pixels vertically, then the video is being down-scaled to fit (another processor overhead). So the processor and graphic card are having to work pretty hard to decode the file into 155MB a second of video and then resize that video to fit your screen. 720p will scale up just a little to fit your screen, but 1080p is throwing away over 20 percent of the vertical picture just to fit it on your screen. Ouch.

    Stick to 720p and you'll be fine. 1080p is a waste of time on your screen anyway.

    PS Codec packs are generally a very bad idea. The CCCP pack that you're using is the best of them, but just because a pack of codecs works on one system doesn't mean it will work on another. I've lost count of the number of systems I've had to fix for people because they used a codec pack.

    I'd suggest you try come codec-less (all needed stuff is built in) players like:

    GOM Player


    KM Player


    VLC Player


  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Doesn't look like you've provided enough information to give a good answer to that question. Are you trying to playback Blu Ray movies from your Blu Ray drive? Are you talking about 1080p content in general? Also, are you getting no video at all or video slowdown? I think usually you're suppose to use PowerDVD to play Blu Ray movies from a Blu Ray drive (usually PowerDVD comes bundled with the BD drives) If you're trying to playback HD content in general, maybe you're having a codec problem and its causing the video to playback badly. You could download Coreavc if you're having a codec problem. Coreavc is suppose to be the fastest codec available for HD content. Keep in mind, in order to playback Blu Ray movies your monitor has to be HDCP compliant.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm guessing your question is why. If your computer is not rated for hd movies then I would say it's the video card. If it is I would say it's that your hard drive is slow (in comparison to a 12gb movie)

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