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The listening is easy all the way through flautist Ling Nieh's (聶琳) debut album, Sparkling Smiles (微笑星球). But the cheerful disposition of her music sounds genuine and nuanced and has a cinematic feel that appeals to a childlike innocence.

Nieh, a trained flautist and graduate of the Berklee College of Music, composed and produced the album’s 10 tracks, which draw from a broad emotional palette.

The album begins with a sense of discovery in Songs of Whales (鯨魚在唱歌), which is not as straightforward and pedestrian as it sounds on first listen. Nieh uses sound effects such as guitar with heavy reverb and piano to create a sense of space, but she doesn’t hammer them into her listeners. Instead the emotional impact comes from a joyous melody performed on the flute and saxophone.

For Mr Dale (戴爾先生) is a bittersweet tune, delivered bossa nova style by Nieh’s impressive team of studio musicians. A pipa (琵琶), a lute common in traditional Chinese music, serves as one of the main voices of the song, and its fluid, plucked sound enhances the flute's soaring melodies.

The tango mood of Ariadna (天使熱愛的生活) is played out in the intertwining harmonies of the flute, cello, piano and double bass. The energy is intense and passionate, yet the song remains light and playful, thanks to the lilting rhythms conceived by Nieh.

Renowned acoustic guitarist Dong Yun-chang (董運昌) makes an appearance on the album’s title track, a wistful, bossa nova-tinged number.

It's no surprise to read in the liner notes that Nieh composes for film and television, as many of the songs in this collection indeed play like soundtrack music.

This album won't resonate with listeners who prefer darkness in music, but there is a sophistication and emotional depth to Nieh's songs that make this worth a listen.




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    聽一直到底是容易的笛手陵Nieh' s (聶琳)初次照相薄,閃耀微笑(微笑星球)。 但是她的音樂的快樂的性格听起来真正和微妙并且有喜欢純稚無罪的一種電影感受。 Nieh、訓練的,組成和被生產冊頁的10軌道的音樂Berklee學院的笛手和畢業生,從一個寬廣的情感調色板得出。 冊頁從發現感覺在歌曲的開始鯨魚(鯨魚在唱歌),不是作為直接,并且步行者,当它聽起來聽的第一。 Nieh使用音响效果例如吉他以重的reverb和鋼琴創造空間感覺,但是她不錘擊他們入她的聽眾。 反而情感效果来自在長笛和薩克斯管執行的一支歡悅曲調。 对于Dale (戴爾先生)先生是一個苦甜聲調,由演播室音樂家Nieh的印象深刻的隊的被提供的bossa新星樣式。 負子蟾(琵琶),琵琶共同在繁体中文音樂,作为其中一歌曲的主要聲音和它的流體,被採的聲音提高flute' s高昂曲調。 探戈心情Ariadna (天使熱愛的生活)在長笛、大提琴、鋼琴和低音提琴的交錯的和諧中被演奏。 能量強烈和熱情,歌曲依然是輕和嬉戲,由于Nieh設想的輕快的節奏。 東Yunchang的顯耀的音響吉他彈奏者(董運昌)在冊頁的標題軌道一次露面,渴望, bossa新星發出丁當聲數字。 It' s沒有写入劃線員的驚奇注意到, Nieh為影片和電視組成,許多在這的確彙集戲劇的歌曲像電影配樂音樂。 這個冊頁won' t共鳴與更喜歡在音樂的黑暗的聽眾,但是有優雅和情感深度對Nieh' 做這相當聽價值的s歌曲。

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