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請問美國文學the minister'black veil



The Minister' Black Veil

題目的"Veil" 有什麼symbol



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    for your reference only:

    "The symbolic significance of the black veil lies in the physical and mental barrier thatit creates between the minister and his environment, and the guilt that it expresses.Many people believe that the face provides information about a person's underlyingcharacteristics and, therefore, about his or her probable behavior. Thus, by wearing theveil, the minister takes away the basis on which people can predict his behavior. This isthe main cause of the minister's isolation, although he is made unpredictable already bythe mere act of wearing the veil. Part of the frightening effect of the veil derives fromthe knowledge that the person behind it can see everything without being seen himself."


    "The veil is transformed from an object into a symbol, significant in its black color and in its ability to shroud and hide. Hawthorne employed the veilto represent the secret, sinful nature of humans, who hide unappealingaspects of themselves behind a veneer of respectability."


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