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之前我們公司有在世貿上展,現在展完了,公司要我寫封信給國外客戶,問說有什麼地方需要服務的或是對我們公司產品有啥疑問的....等等,我該如何寫阿 ?


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  • candy
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    1 decade ago
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    Dear Sir,

    We appreciate your visiting us at the Taiwan XXX Trade Show but regret that we did not have more opportunity to discuss with you our XXX (products name) in detail.

    However, by this brief mail we would like to bring to your attention. Does our product meet your requirements? Do you find our price competitive? There are possibly some points that we did not clear at our last discussion. If so, we will be glad to offer you any further information.

    The purpose of this letter is to make sure if our products and offer meets your requirement. If you need any further information or samples, we will be glad to send them to you as soon as we receive your instructions.

    Welcome your comments which may bring business between both of us.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Candy/ Sales manager

    XXXX Co.,Ltds…..

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  • 安安
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    Dear Mr. 或Ms. xxx 或對方沒有留私人姓名的話 xxx 公司名:

    Thank you for your visit to our show booth in the WTC xxx (特展的名稱) show in Taipei, we are xxx company (如果是股份有限公司就是 xxxCo. Ltd), the (在世貿展場的攤位號碼) booth.

    We are the expert of xxx (你們公司的產品項目的英名稱) producer in Taiwan, it will be our honor to have the chance to supply our products for your requirement能有機會為您提供我們公司的產品是我們的榮幸, please feel free to contact us if you ever need service on this products, or you have any question about our products.如果您對我們的產品有任何需求或疑問請隨時與我們聯繫

    We will looking forward to hear from you.我們盼望得到您的信息

    Yours Sincerely或 Sincerely Yours

    xxx 由公司負責人具名

    xxx Co. Ltd.


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    Dear Sirs / Madams,

    Thanks for your visiting our booth inTaipei International show dated dd/mm/yy. You can see that our laterest products have been displayedat our booth. Is there any our product of your interesting?

    Please don't hesitate to contact us or advise us if we can be of further assistance. It would be our pleasure of sending you our quotation or samples for your reference. Look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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    Dear XXX:

    Hello, my name is XXX(你的名字) from XXX(公司名稱) Firstly, thank you very much in visit our booth during the XXXshow(秀展名稱), accordling to what we discussed during the show, if you have further questions or any aditional informations you want to know about us or about our products, please do not hasitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to help you.

    thank you and best regards


    基本上客戶在展場裡一定看過很多攤位,所以不一定會記得你,你也可以把公司簡介跟產品在稍微跟客戶介紹一下, 會增加他對你們的印象.

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  • Jeter
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    1 decade ago

    Dear{親愛的} Mr or Mis xxx{先生或小姐}

    Can I have you ?{有什麼我能謂您服務的嗎?}



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