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1 beta, 4 spotted corydoras in 10 gallon tank? Sound good?

It's heated and has a filter. Is this a good number of fish? I would like more corys but I want the tank to be roomy.



EDIT::: TINK - could I get 3 corys then and the 1 betta? Would that be okay??

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    I am considering the same fish as you, and while I can't answer because I'm researching myself - people need to stop saying betta HAVE to be alone. JESUS.

    Source(s): Sick of the bad betta rap.
  • Tink
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    A 10 gallon tank will be too small for 4 cory's. I think they'll need something more along the size of a 20 or 29 gallon tank.

    Lola Gracie - you can probably get away with 3, but you would basically be a little overstocked meaning you cannot get any other fish, and you have to make sure you take very good care of the water quality. A good filter and water testing drop kit will help ensure that you keep your tank water in pristine clean condition.

    Amy D - I'm not certain where you got your information regarding bettas from. They may be a bit territorial, but they are not blind (or shouldn't be) when you purchase them.

    Alex M- Betta can be with other fish, most of the time, it's not recommended because they are territorial. For the most part, if a betta does get into a fight, it is not to the death, it is usually compromised immune and secondary infection that kill fish. Also in order for a betta to "kill" they have to be able to catch the fish first. Although I am not recommending bettas be kept with other fish, most fish that people consider to be betta tank mates are too fast for bettas to keep up with.

    If anything, in most tropical tanks with bettas, the bettas are the ones that get picked on and fin nipped because they're so much slower than most tropical fish due to their heavy finnage.

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    Make sure they are one of the smaller cory species. The various species can grow from 1" to 4" max.

    4 of the smaller ones, and a betta, will be perfectly OK.


  • bozek
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    3 years ago

    Spotted Corydoras

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    must be ok. Kuhli loaches are such narrow bodied fish which you cant artwork out stocking from their length like a common fish, and that they are able to stay in a 10gal tank. provide them quite some conceal and the betta ought to easily ignore approximately them. Ian

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    Would you want to know how many fish can fits a 10 gallon tank?

    here maybe it can help:

    And TINK is right.

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    sounds good

    You could go up to 6 corydoras catfish if you have a good filter

  • Amy D
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    beta have to be alone in there own tank they will attack and eat the other fish because they are blind and cant see so they like to be in the small bowls you see them at the stores all alone. The other fish it sounds good tho.

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    amy d-your right,the beta can not be with other fish,it will kill the other ones.i don't know if they are blind,but,Tink-they are not just a little territorial!like i said,they will kill!

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