Swine Flu +mexicans= im scared?

ok heres the deal....

i go to a school where its population is like 90% mexican....

first of all, what exactly is the swine flu?

and im terrified of getting it...

what are all the possible ways i can prevent me from ppossibly getting the swine flu since i go to school with a lot of mexicans???

im no tbeing mean.

im actually scared here.


meexican; i MEAN MEXICAN!!!!!! i know what im saying. im not a little kid...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    looks like the government and media is doing its job into scaring MOST of the public.

    you're a pathetic, gullible person.

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    Please don't be afraid of Mexican classmates. That isn't good.

    I lived next door to extremely nice Muslim neighbors for about 15 years. After the terrorist attack at the Pentagon, I was defensive for my neighbors and very protective for them. It is people in Mexico who have bad cases of the Swine flu. Your class mates probably don't even know any of the people affected by the swine flu.

    The important thing to do, is to eat healthy, exercise, practice good hygiene, and wash your hands with soap and water. Your school will probably have many assemblies concerning the swine flu and also to alert students that their class mates shouldn't be shunned. Treat your classmates as you would want them to treat you. They are just as scared as you. They also have the additional burden of being Mexican where the outbreak has been devastating. Hang in there and be kind.

    By the way, I was the white minority at my school in San Francisco. There were mostly Mexicans, some blacks and some whites. I worked for 33 years for the Federal Government and again, I was the minority. I got along with everyone (except my last supervisor- bleahhhh!)

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    its okay your not mean.... just ignorant First of all many mexicans are dying in MEXICO because its not clean and its unsanitary and poor there. now tourist travel there and back their the ones that have been spreading it... stupid. you'll get sick but youll get better as long as you stay clean and go to the doctor. many people are blaming mexicans just because it came from mexico it came from some where else but since mexico is not clean it got worse there! we are more advanced. you ignorant stupid kid. SHOULD we just send every one back to where they came from and just leave Native americans here because their the only real americans here ... and yet peOple are still TRAVELING TO MEXICO!

    Source(s): WebMD
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    You and your classmates should all do the same. They don't want the flu either.

    Carry hand sanitizer. Clean your hands frequently and don't touch your face with uncleaned hands.

    Stay away from people who sneeze or cough.

    Don't share drinks or food. I mean of course, if you are going to share, separate it first, then eat or drink.

    Wait for further information.

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  • combinations of bird, pig and human virus.

    Just because you go to school with alot of Mexicans doesn't mean your going to get it.

    If the school is in Mexico your sh*t out of luck if it is in the U.S your cool.

    I doubt all of the sudden like yesterday lets say. These Mexicans were like lets illegaly cross the border and go to this school.

    Were they just all of the sudden there?

    What the f*ck?

  • 1 decade ago

    so do I , well like 30 -40 % are , but just stay away from people who look sick and wash hands at all times , and not only mexicans get it .

  • 1 decade ago

    Lol? I don't think Mexicans have anything to do with the flu. Stop exaggerating.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are you kidding me?

    You guys seriously need to do research and read posts before posting here!

    You are not at more risk with the Mexicans unless they are visiting Mexico.


  • 1 decade ago


    it's not Mexican people causing the flu, it's the flu microorganism itself. seriously, calm down. wash your hands a lot. you'll be fine. you're no more likely to catch it from someone of Mexican descent than someone of Swedish descent.

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    1 decade ago

    Mexican or Hispanic? Watch your words. I think you'll be fine, just drink water, eat your vitamins, cough in your elbow and sneeze into a kleenex.

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