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Goodbye Speech in Japanese?

I worked at this client site for about 7 months and I am moving back to Shinagawa.I want to give a small good bye speech in Japanese ,something like :

"It was pleasure for working here.If wish I could get more friendly with you all.Wish you all the best for your future"

Please write in Hiragana and in English pronunciation.

PS:Even I stayed here for 7 months I couldnt make much friends because of the language barrier.

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    Your original draft seems somehow you didn't satisfy your working place due to poor mutual communication and/or culture barrier. Even if it was true, in order to pay sort of polite manner, you'd better try some neutral or rather quiet expression to thank your associates for co-working there.

    It was my pleasure for working together with you here.


    koh-koh deh, Mie-nah-san toh isshoh-knee, shih-goh-toh gah deh-kee-tah koh-toh wah, wah-tah-she knoo yoh-loh-koh-bee deh-she-tah.

    I really appreciated all your warm support and cooperation deeply.


    mie-nah-san noh ahtahtahkah-e goh-she-enh, goh-kyoo-ryoh-kuh knee, fuh-kah-kuh kan-shah moh-she-ah-geh-mah-suh.

    Wish you all the glory for future. Thank you very much.


    mie-nah-san noh, kah-gah-yah-kah-shee mie-rah-ee woh oh-ee-noh-rie e-tah-shee-mah-suh, arigato goh-zah-e-mah-she-tah

    (You don't need to say anything else.)

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    Goodbye Speech Sample

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