What are the top 10 things you hate?

list what you hate most..no names of ppl >.>

they can be comical :P


umm..list ppl....10 things? :P

Update 2:

haa thanks for the star but it wasnt necissary :P..i probs spelt that wrong >.>

thanks for sharing everyone ^^

id tell u my list im creating..im at 61 so far... im aiming for a hundred. the funny thing is..if u told someone that im a hateful person..they wouldnt believe u, im too 'nice and quiet' ..im nice to everyone even ppl im not as fond of..so nobody could of seen this list coming LMAO.

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    1. Liars



    4.Bad Breath

    5.Weak Coffee

    6.Annoying rude people who feel they need to speak over everyone with their ignorance && stupidity.

    7.Girls who act dingy && play stupid to get attention.

    8.Menthol Ciggs.

    9.Romance Novels


    11.Bums who stand in front of liquor store and ask for money ALL DAY LONG.

    12. How every Bum you walk by asks for ciggarettes.

    13.High school musical.

    14.Being alone.

    15.Tacoma washington

    16.Wearing lip gloss

    17.Girls who think they need to be with a guy to feel secure about themselves.




    21.Codeine (makes me soooooo sick)

    22.Crack heads

    23.Cleaning toilets


    25.Bad drivers

    26.Bath && Body Works Sweet Pea smell

    27.Casinos (waste of money)

    28.George W. Bush

    29.Math (i suck at it)

    30.School (even tho i graduated) thank god

    31.I cant wear red...it looks bad.

    32.People who talk on there fukiin phone && drive omg!

    33.I love to honk at them and flip em off tho ;)




    37.Crowed malls

    38.Clubs and dancing,,,i think ima bad dancer lol,,maybe not i dunno.

    39.Vending machines THAT TAKE UR MONEY.

    40.Food that gets stuck in the vending machine,and you have to nearly tip it over to get the crap.

    41.Goin to court.

    42.Trying to find a parking space in a parking lot


    44.Stuck up people

    45.Always losing at the lottery lol.

    46.Wasting time in a fitting room for clothes that dont fit.

    47.Grocery shopping...ohhh how i hate grocery shopping.

    48.Pads. Tampons are better lol.

    49.Baths. Ew why would you wanna sit in dirty bath water. Lol not that im that dirty but still.


    51.Just stepping out of the shower,,,sooo cold.

    52.Sleeping with other people.

    53.That Rock of Love show.

    54.Ohh and tila tequila.

    55.Eating spaghetti in public

    56.Over Priced restauraunts


    58.Burnt spicy bite hot dogs at 7/11.


    60.Cops that act like dickkz.

    61.Parents who dont punish there kids for being bad.

    62.Weak coffee

    63.People who dont know how to merge onto a freeway

    64.Wearing necklaces.

    65.Wearing shoes,,,,i love my flip flops. Must be a california thing

    66.Root beer.

    67.Guniness beer....grosssssss.

    68.Biting my nails

    69.My sister

    70.Big pot holes in the road.

    71.People who are mean to old people

    72.Dark soda. Dont drink it anymore

    73.Doin my make up everyday

    74.Hard boiled eggs

    75.Nancy Grace...i can only stand her for so long

    76.Sleeping in pants...ughh

    77.Bras that dont fit.

    78.Sleeping on the floor


    80.Yahoo answers for not getting a point for every star you get.

    81.Unloading groceries and putting them away



    84.Emo kids.

    85.Riding buses.

    86.Mowing the lawn

    87.Being alone

    88.Watching scary movies alone. Cant do it

    89. Not having a job

    90.People who need to embarrass you to make themselves feel better.

    91.Waiting for water to boil.

    92.Noodles that stick together cuz i wouldnt wait for the water to boil lol

    93.Hard Candy

    94.Overly religious people who try and force their religion on you! I HATE THAT.

    95.When you walk in a bank and they ambush you to try and open an account.

    96.Wells Fargo for opening an account without my consent. AS**HOLES.

    97.Swimming in the ocean

    98.Rye Bread

    99.Pickles,,,except bread and butter

    100.People who never shut the **** up....lol LIKE MEEEE!

    YAY i DID iT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    can't say i 'hate" anything but things I dont like

    10. Blueberries in stuff

    9. High heels that give you blisters

    8. Stains

    7. Temp above 85

    6. Lipstick

    5. Gym bunnies with less clothes on than I sleep in

    4. TV shows that glamorize teen preganacy

    3. Pedicures that look like crap 3 days later

    2. 100% cotton pants that shrink

    1. Finding the perfect dress and not in your size

    Source(s): I also agree totally with the chick right above me!!!
  • Adios
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    1. People who cheat at golf (by not counting every stroke.)

    2. People who don't like animals.

    3. My bathroom scale.

    4. Seafood

    5. All illnesses

    6. Taxes

    7. Snow (and ice)

    8. Ironing

    9. War movies

    10. Getting old

    There you have it !!

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Wolf-mother

    2. Religion

    3. Conceited, up themselves girls that think there hotter than they are.

    4. Men who don't understand "NO"

    5. Lazy fat ppl who moan about bein fat but don't exercise.

    6. Spiders.

    7. People who have a license but clearly can't drive for $hit.

    8. Bad parents

    9. Holdens

    10. 85% of Americans i have met or talked to (I'm not saying your all bad but i haven't seen many of the good ones yet!)

    Source(s): Me
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry I misread your question. Here are my 10 no oder

    1. The Jonas Brothers

    2. Lil Wayne

    3. Stupidity

    4. Paris Hilton

    5. Bandwagoners

    6. Crooked Cops

    7 .Racism

    8 .People who are famous for no reason

    9. Lazy fat people who blame fast food

    10. Celtics

  • beb
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Not in any order:

    1. fried green tomatoes

    2. abuse to children

    3. cruelty to animals

    4. when people do not stand when the American Flag goes by

    5. The New England Patriots

    6. people who can't drive

    7. spiders

    8. co-workers who are not team players/out only for themselves

    9. the druggies on my street (luckily we are moving soon!)

    10. the smell of sauerkraut

    Source(s): **me :) **
  • hey
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    1. Killing

    2. Gossip

    3. Stealing

    4. Fake people

    5. Liars

    6. School

    7. Drugs

    8. Cigarettes

    9. Alcohol

    10. Bugs

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Jonas Brothers

    2. Miley Cyrus

    3. Twilight HATERS

    4. Marianas Trench (inside thing)

    huh. I'm apparently not a hateful person...

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Violence

    2. War

    3. Global Warming

    4. ignorance

    5. self centered people

    6. soda cans (dont ask) lol

    7. hatred

    8. seeing homeless people on the streets

    9. pittyness

    10. sarcasm

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. when i cant have what i want, this is deff the # 1 thing i hate

    2. liers, fake ppl

    3.Key West..where i live..sucks

    4.being underage..minors cant do sh*t..cant wait till i turn 18..!! 2 mor yrs..lol ::))

    5. when ppl take for ever to txt back

    6. when i cant download a song that i really like

    7. not having a bunch of chanels on my tv..

    8. school..lol

    9. tests/midterm/finals

    10. not being able to eat what i want..=( im on a diet..boohoo!

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