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If God is the ultimate judge, why do christians/muslim becomes lawyers/judges?

Why do the religious keep fooling the vulnerable by saying that God is the only one allowed to judge?

If there is heaven, why do christians/muslims go to doctors to become healed of sickness that sometimes could send them to heaven?

Aren't we undermining God by being lawyers/judges/and Doctors as religious human?

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    that's a good question. In my beliefs its because the jews/christians/and muslims have a need to try and control everyone and make them believe what they say to be true.

    Why do u think the bible has been rewritten so many times?

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    Judges have been around since the beginning of time; hence, the chapter of Judges in the bible. The bible doesn't only tell us to obey the laws of God, but tells us to abide by the laws of the land. How could that be enforced without authority? As far as healing goes, Jesus was the greatest healer in the history of the earth. Our life on this planet is only but a blink of an eye. If it is extended, it may very well be that we still have more to learn or that our continued lives will have a specific impact on others, and it may mean nothing more than we were simply healed. No matter, because heaven is an eternity, and that is the ultimate goal.

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    God is the ultimate judge of our soul, but we remain on this earth until the appointed time of that judgment, and are expected to both follow the rules and deal in matters of justice until then.

    Exactly how are we undermining God by protecting and defending those who have had an injustice done to them, or maintaining our health within the body we were given?

    There is a choice regardless. If you do not wish to defend or bring to justice those who need such, you do not have to. But how this effects your ultimate judgment is left in Gods hands. And you do not have to maintain your own health or that of others. But how this effects your ultimate judgment is left in Gods hands.

    We are not puppets, and we've been given the ability to do both right and wrong before the day we are judged by God. This is not undermining God, when it is exactly the way God intended it to be.

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    There is God's law and then there is man's laws. If a Christian can become a lawyer or judge and bring some of God's wisdom to man's laws...great!!!

    If a Christian can become a doctor and bring prayer into the operating room...fantastic! Give me a doctor who prays for God's guidance over one who doesn't any day of the week!!!...Blessings!

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    the only way I can best explain this is by telling you a joke. I hope you understand it, There was a flood coming and a man on a motor bike went to all the houses on the outskirts of the community to warn them to leave, the man that lived in one of the houses chose to stay, thinking to himself ' I trust in God no harm will come to me if I stay" and the next day the water had risen and was coming into his home, the rescue services had sent a man in a boat to rescue any people that were in danger, again the man was asked to leave again he refused, the next day the water had risen so high he was on the roof of his home a helicopter rescue crew came "said please come with us" the man replied no God will save me, the flood water kept rising when it had reached his waist, he looked towards the sky and cried out God I believe, why do you not save me, God spoke in a great booming voice I sent you a man on a bike, I sent you a boat and then I sent you a helicopter what else did you need,

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    as a Jew we do the same thing. we beleive god is the judge. way back in our history we have had courts called the san hadren. they were to judge the crimes that people have done to eacother. God does not always intervine, and wants us to be the judge sometimes. as for the doctors, we belive that go dput us here to live. we should try to live for as long as we can. thus suicide is a horrible sin. we beleive god gave us a body to take care of untill we canot anymore.

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    God is the Ultimate judge like you said, if we didn't have lawyers/judges then their would be chaos people need to be punished for certain crimes in society.

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    The bible says God works through people.

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    God tells us to value and preserve life. judges help keep peace on earth.

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    God works thru people. God helps those who help themselves what do you want us to do just lay here and let the bad apples in society destroy it?

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