i need good music!?!?

i like alternative and rock like:

we the kings

panic! at the disco

mayday parade

metro station

john mayer

the beatles



all time low

the fray

snow patrol

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the maine=i must be dreaming

    the maine=whoever she is

    the maine=into your arms

    the maine=the way we talk

    the maine=mr. winter

    the maine=we all roll along

    the maine=everything i ask for

    the maine=girls do what they want

    kings of leon=sex on fire

    kings of leon=use somebody

    kings of leon=closer

    keane=bad dream


    semisonic=secret smile

    the matches=papercut skin

    matchbook romance=monsters

    thrice=stare at the sun

    the starting line=island

    the starting line=ready

    artist vs poet=runaway

    artist vs poet=all in

    afi=love like winter

    the academy is=neighbors

    the academy is=the phrase that pays

    the academy is=about a girl




    thursday=understanding in a car crash

    saves the day=at your funeral

    band of horses=funeral

    my morning jacket=touch me im going to scream part 2

    fleet foxes=the white winter hyml


    james morrison=nothing ever hurt like you

    james morrison=broken strings

    james morrison=the letter

    the audition=the ultimate cover up

    the audition=warm me up

    the audition=approach the bench

    paolo nutini=last request

    paolo nutini=new shoes

    paolo nutini=white lies

    jason mraz ft james morrison=details in the fabric

    jason mraz=did you get my message?

    the cab=can you keep a secret?

    the cab=bounce

    hey monday=candles

    hey monday=josey

    hey monday=homecoming

    cute is what we aim for=curse of curves

    afi=love like winter

    alexisonfire=to a friend

    aiden=we sleep forever

    secret machine=nowhere fast

    ambulance ltd=the way that i treat you

    black rebel motorcycle club=stop

    the duke spirit=the walk the step

    kaiser chiefs=ruby

    envy on the coast=if god smokes cheap cigars

    the distillers=hall of mirrors

    the distillers=love is paranoid

    escape the fate=something

    escape the fate=ashely

    between the trees=white lines & red lights

    charlotte sometimes=build me a moon

    meaghan smith=a little love


    the libertines=dont look back into the sun

    the veronicas=this is how it feels

    the almost=southern weather

    ludo=love me dead

    katy perry=if you can afford me

    cobra starship=sending my love to the dancefloor

    cobra starship=guilty pleasure

    gavin rossdale=love remains the same

    h.i.m=wings of a butterfly

    h.i.m=killing lonliness

    mayday parade=jersey

    mayday parade=when i get home your so dead

    every avenue=this ones a cheap shot

    every avenue=trading heart beats

    mickey avalon=jane fonda

    my american heart=dangerous

    my american heart=the shake

    my american heart=if you speak love speak low

    morningwood=nth degree

    we the kings=skyway avenue

    the used=the taste of ink

    the red jumpsuit apparatus=waiting

    the red jumpsuit apparatus=atropy

    the red jumpsuit apparatus=seventeen aint so sweet

    the red jumpsuit apparatus=misery loves its company

    muse=supermassive blackhole

    the spill canvas=over you

    carolina liar=im not over you

    the raconteurs=level

    jimmy eat world=23

    death cab for cutie=cathy

    adele=hometown glory

    adele=make you feel my love

    duffy=stepping stone

    radiohead=the reckoner

    alanis morrisette=not as we

    ray lamontagne=let it be

    ray lamontagne=hold you in my arms

    ray lamontagne=trouble

    justin nozuka=after tonight

    vampire weekend=a punk


    lily allen=the fear

    Sara Bareilles=vegas

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have good taste in music. I love all time low

    The Maine

    The Academy Is...

    Fall Out Boy

    Hey Monday

    Blink 182

    The All-American Rejects

    A Rocket To the Moon

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  • 1 decade ago

    Forever the Sickest Kids

    Cobra Starship

    New Found Glory


    Sing It Loud

    Pierce the Veil

    Bring Me the Horizon

    The Starting Line


    You Me At Six



    The Friday Night Boys

    Every Avenue


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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey, what do you mean?

    what do you want to ask?

    umm, I also like rock music, but a music that I think really good is Keane music. their music is same as coldplay`s, but compair them! and you`ll know the difference between them

    Source(s): My feeling
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago






    Bad religion


    Decyfer down

    demon hunter

    Eighteen vision

    Evans blue

    Finger eleven

    Foo fighters

    From first to last


    Goo Goo dolls (dont ask -.-)

    Green day

    Groove coverage

    Hawthorn hieghts




    Killswitch engage


    linkin park









    Streetlight manifesto

    SUM 41


    run kid run

    single file

    snow patrol (grr man no jokes)

    and others.

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  • Bones
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    oohh u hav the same taste in music as me. im not sure wat u want besides that, but here r some more bands i like that u didnt list: The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Muse, U2, Queen.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hi! hopefully you like these..

    the higher

    dashboard confessional



    contact me if you need more!

    :D hope i helped.

    Source(s): me..
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  • 1 decade ago

    good music? u call that good music?

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