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How much actual "Combat-related" training and/or activity does a Chaplain Assistant experience?

I am writing a novel with one of the main characters as a Chaplain Assistant. I'm conducting significant research on Chaplain Assistants - specifically the "Combat-related" aspects of the position. Can they attend additional tactical (such as Ranger or Airborne) training? How much time/attention/training is delegated to combat activities? Do CA's receive any additional or specific training or carry/specialize in any particular weapons as the "protector" of the Chaplain in combat? Can or do they cross-train in field medicine? Can they volunteer for special units and/or "specialties" which place them closer to combat?

Essentially any information related to Chaplain Assistants, especially in the context of actual combat/warfare and protection/defense of the Chaplain is what I am in need of.

Thanks in advance for any info/assistance you can offer.

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    Just what they get in Basic Training.

    A secondary job of Chaplain Assistants is to guard the Chaplains.

    But they do not recieve extra training for that.

    They are issued an M-16 or M-4 like everyone else.

    The military is not boy scouts, where you go to additional training or schools and get merit badges.

    Yes a CA can be airborne. Ranger school - not a chance.

    No they cannot volunteer for special units.

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    I was visiting a Marine FAST platoon over in VA, and I happened to come across a CA who was a African American woman. Apparently some of them are actually bodyguards for chaplains in warzones, and are trained to fight. All of the Marines avoided this CA, she was the loudest person on the base, so some of them are pretty tough.

    It really depends on the person. Some people want to do the warzone aspect of the job, some want to be pencil pushers.

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    I needed a good laugh, thanks!

    Ya, it's called OJT (on the job training)!

    Only if the CA came from another occupation specialty (for example, prior service). Not quite sure why they would be a CA.

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