2002 Tahoe A/C problems?

The A/C stops blowing cold air when it is idol, and running less than 35mph. In the last 4 years Freon has been added, I have had 2 dryers and 2 condensers. I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to why this keeps happening and how can it be resolved, so that I can stop taking it in for the same thing every year and spending 6,7,800 $'s per trip.

Thanks for any answers.


sorry ...maybe I did not explain well enough.....It is not loosing freon, there is no leaks in the system. when I mentioned putting freon in the system it is due to having to make repairs, and when they remove the freon, it is full, they only add back what was removed.

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    I recommend having the truck repaired at another facility. This vehicle has known problems with rear a/c and front a/c lines leaking. Very common problem with this vehicle. My guess is you have rear a/c and either the lines or rear evaporator is leaking at the fitting. Perhaps they are simply not telling you the system was low. Maybe they are simply warrantying the freon from previous repair, many shops do this. Take my advise and find a different shop, tell them to find the leak. ASE Tech for 25 years.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would have another shop work on the car. Cars don't usually "use" or "burn" freon, and if you are loosing freon, there is a leak somewhere that needs to be addressed. Could be a bad o-ring or hose in the system. Under no circumstances should it be loosing that much freon.

  • Gary J
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    1 decade ago

    Find a different place to get the repair done.

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