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Swine flu? Honestly scared!?

I am honestly really scared of getting swine flu! Cam you tell me about it and what places are pretty much infected now?



It's not just a flu it's deisese and people are dying from it TROLL!

Update 2:

Jamie would you stop anwsering my questions, I find you very rude and unpleasant to hear from

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    I'm not sure, but look on some news sites. If you use google you should find a page with all the states so far.

    I know it's in the states by mexico, new york, and ohio. Not sure about anywhere else though... I'm not really keeping up on it.

    Don't stress out about it though. You want to keep your immune system up. I think my dad might have it (I'm not sure but it seems like it) and *so far* I haven't caught anything from him.

  • yeah, its pretty much like the flu the same symptoms & everything but you can dye from it, like you said.

    i heard its in cali

    and its over here in new york

    a school around me got infected with it & there were some people in my doctors office with it today, my mom went to get some note for my nephew & found out. if its spreading from like cali and all the way over here it could be pretty much anywhere, im scared to go to school tommorrow


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    I read that the symptoms are flu like... And that 86 in Mexico have died and 20 in the USA have it and 10 in New Zealand have it. the 10 in New Zealand that have it are students that have just returned from Mexico.. I think those that are in mexico and who have just returned from Mexico are at greater risk...

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    it depends on where you live..its big in texas and cali..along with mexico..thats where it started at..

    its ok to be worried ,,,im pregnant and live in san diego which which is so close to the border people are always back and forth and you can never really tell who just came back from mexico..and when your pregnant your immune system is lowing making it easlier for you to get sick..

    just stay away from live pigs and people you know that has been around live pigs

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    omg me 2!

    i live in arizona wich is rite nxt 2 da border!

    thx 4 askin dis question cuz some of the answers rly helped=)

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    well it depends on where you are.

    if youre in cali or texas or a state that borders mexico, be cautious.i heard about cases in new york though. there are tips on how to avoid it on MSN....

    but other than that, just try to be away from people who were in mexico recently. and im sure those people are aware that they are at risk of spreading it.

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    You won't get it.Don't worry about it.Long ago when wesnile virus was going around I was horrified to walk out of the house.But I never got it.

    trust me,nothing will happen to you,just know that.

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    Living in the U.S. i don't think we have anything to worry about. I heard on the news today that the U.S. has been prepared for this kind of virus for years. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    who cares its just the friggin flu

    edit: dont yell at me, asswad.

    besides, after research, your not gonna likely get unless youve been kickin it with some pigs.

    so unless you live in hicktown with a ranch of pigs, calm the hell down

    Source(s): wikipedia.
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