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why does my dog eat feces?

i have 2 pitbulls and the male dog eats the female dogs do i make him stop?

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    Many dogs have this bad habit. It is learned by puppies from their mothers. Mother dogs often will eat their own poop and other dogs' poop while pregnant. After the puppies are born the mother will eat the puppies' poop to keep their area clean.

    There are a few ways to avoid it, but not all work. I tried all of these on my dog before I found the right one.

    - you can mix tomato juice in with the dog's food (it makes their poop taste unappealing to them, you can try this one but it gave my dog diarrhea)

    - you can put tabasco on the poop piles right after he goes (my dog ended up just eating around it but most dogs will stay away)

    - you can simply go pick up the poop right after he goes (this one didn't work for ME, I have other things to do than watch my dog until she goes and then run out there and pick it up)

    This one was the solution that worked for me.

    - I bought a fresh pineapple and cut it up into approx. 1"x1" pieces and gave her 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. She loved it plus she stopped eating her poop because pineapple also makes the poop taste bad to them. (Although I really don't know how it can taste good in the first place!)

    A very common misconception is that this habit is caused by lack of nutrition, which is untrue. Don't let anyone tell you that this is why he eats his poop. This is simply a learned bad habit that can be hard to brake. But you can do it!

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    It could be that their diet is insufficient in nutrients and they try to get everything they can out of what they eat. Try getting a better quality dog food. Also, this is a sign of respect among dogs (as gross as that sounds). It's kind of a submissive behavior but not really. You can train the dog to leave it alone. First, teach your dog to understand the "leave it" command. Get his favorite treats and have one in each hand. Let the dog smell the treat through your closed fist and when he ignores it or loses interest, give him the other treat. After a few times, introduce the phrase "leave it" and the dog will associate the command with the action. It is important to do it exactly that way because it's confusing to tell a dog to leave something and then to give them that same object. Get those brightly colored land surveying flags (like the kind the water and/or cable companies use to mark lines) and put near poop. These will act as markers to tell you areas to make the dog avoid. Then you can tell the dog "leave it" when it nears the flags. This is the technique used by the trainer from the show It's Me or the Dog.

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    it tastes good like what ever food they ate b4. life is they eat a treat they eat the "feces" because it taste liek the treat. I yell at them no and walk toawrdsthemthan usually they stop b4 eating alot of it.

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    It could be what you are feeding the female or if she has something wrong with her. You could try putting pineapple in with her food, which tastes delicious coming in but will taste wretched after its gonge through the system. If he still continues, then I wouls take her into the vet and explain.

    Hope this hepled.

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    Some dogs just do it. There's not really a way to stop it, all breeds and all different kinds of dogs do it. I guess they just like the taste....see it this way...less for you to pick up!

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    whenever you see him going to do it distract him with a piece of a treat. I dont know why dogs do it but mine used to for a while i did this and it worked

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    there is a product, i dont remember the name, but i think you can get it at walmart that you spray on the feces and it will make him stop. you can also try putting ceyenne pepper on it to stop him. also lookinto worming him in case he is trying to get something that he is not getting in his food.

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    hmm i think ur dogs havve some nutrients defiency on his diet,.. maybe u should add sum vitamin n iron to his food. i once have a similar problem. but then it stop.

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    Put meat tenderizer in their dog food.

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