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Do dogs laugh or not?

I never seen a dog laugh before

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    Yeah I think they can laugh. Mine use to love to find my face. I would hide under a blanket or cover my arms over my face and he would dig his face in until he found my face then kiss me. and I would burst out laughing at how persistant he was to get to me even though I covered up well he always found a way then he would open his mouth and smile like he was showing his teeth pulling back his skin a bit. You could just tell it wasn't the same look they have in other areas.

    Same thing with if he felt sad or someone made fun of him. he'd be sad like and changed his whole personality at that moment like he was hurt.

  • I have seen a dog laugh!

    One time my crazy chihuahua/poodle mix got out and took off running note: she is not a runner, none of my dogs are runners. So i chased her and she would stop and wait for me to grab her then she would stick her but in the air, wag her a tail a bit and have a huge smile on her face and as soon as i would go to grab her she would take off running! I swear when she would look back to see if i was there, i could see her laughing! Its odd to say but you must have been there and seen it to get it, she kept doing it over and over until my husband came out and she dropped to the ground and gave up the game when she saw him LOL

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    As a matter of fact, yes, dogs do laugh. Of course it won't sound like a person's laugh, but you will know when a dog laughs when they stick their tongue out and pant, or it may sound like a sneeze instead.

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    If his mouth is open and he seems to be guffawing, and it extremely is not any longer warm, then it is going to no longer be too no longer common to make your concepts up. you may no longer tell if a canines is happy in basic terms by employing a wagging tail. you may desire to spend greater time gaining expertise of canines physique language. then you definitely would not be so puzzled as to what your canines is saying. in line with possibility subsequently he's so nasty and aggressive and peeing throughout your place. you do no longer spend the time to appreciate him.

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    Not sure they really laugh, but they do smile, mine does when she's in trouble or laughed at, it's really cute. But never seen one laugh...

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    They do laugh. A dog's laugh looks and sounds like a sneeze. When your dog is enjoying himself and sneezes, he is laughing.

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    no they don't. you need to understand the concept of a laugh to laugh

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    The first time I did agility with my youngest lab, he tripped me and I went down pretty hard. I swore I heard him laughing - but it was only panting. :)

  • I doubt it! Its hard to tell what a dog is thinking as they don't change their facial expressions much.

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