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How much does food and clothes cost in malaysia?(us or malaysia currency is fine)?

i am doing a project in my world geography class and i need to know how much, in american dollars, I would spend in Malaysia over the course of 1 weeks and how much food and clothes would cost.

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    Many Malaysians get by on RM1,000 or less per month, which is less than US$10/day.

    You can buy chicken rice for less than US$1. You can buy a pair of jeans for (say) U$3-4.

    But you can pay a few hundred dollars or more if you want a (genuine) designer label on them, and you can pay US$20 plus for "western food" (not talking about McD or KFC here).

    On the whole, I'd say the cost of living in Malaysia is generally around 25-30% of what it is in the USA. But there are anomalies, beer and whiskEy for example can be much more expensive in Malaysia than it is in the US.

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    Cost Of Food In Malaysia

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    What rsocial class are we talking here?

    High end class?

    Upper middle?

    Lower middle?

    Lower class?

    I am a lower middle class single guy living in Johor Bahru, the 2nd most costly city in Msia.

    I spend US$300 monthly on basic food alone (3 meals a day)

    this of course excluse coffee at starbuck

    My non-branded poloshirt cost me US$8~US$10 per pcs

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    haii...just help u..

    my opinion..

    1dolar us = around RM 4.00

    food = drinks ( RM 1.00) for mineral water

    Foods -rice with add curry or anything else around RM6.00 (nowdays)

    clothes = shirt RM 20.00, pants RM50 (cheap one)

    calculate food 1 days = RM 15

    1weeks = RM105.00

    calculate clothes 1 time buy = Rm70

    1days = RM140 (2times morning/evening)

    thats all my info and suggestion,

    then u can calculate by your self

    bye bye !!!!!

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