How do i get all four jars in Zelda ocarina of time?

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  • SC answered 5 years ago
1: Kakariko Village - Get all the chickens into the pen
2: Lon lon ranch - After meeting Zelda, play Talon's chicken game
3: Lake Hylia - Play the Zora's diving game, get the Zora's Scale, dive into the underwater cave to warp to Lake Hylia.
4: Hyrule Castle Town - After getting Epona and the Bow, ride around the field and find the ten big poes, and deliver them to the ghost merchant in the former guard house. You need other bottles to carry them.
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  • !nf!n!t3 Ch@0$ answered 5 years ago
    you can also get a jar from that girl in karkiro village as a child for rounding up her cuccos
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  • BOBOLEE<3 answered 5 years ago
    You get one from winning a contest in lonlon ranch
    Another when you go to lake hylah.
    Then i dont know the other two.


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