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What are some beneficial things/good things about Nepal?

This is for a school project and I need to know some good things about Nepal!! Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it.

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    Nepal has a number of World Heritage sites, including the entire Kathmandu Valley, with over 130 important monuments and sites, and Sagarmatha National Park, in which Sagarmatha or Mt. Everest is located. Nepal is home to an amazing number of ethnic or cultural groups and languages and is also very diverse, geographically, from mountainous regions to lowlands and plains. In addition, conservation areas such as Chitwan National Park provide a refuge for endangered animal species such as the Indian rhinoceros.

    One very good thing is that there is virtually no religious conflict in Nepal - people are very tolerant of different religions. The majority of Nepalis are Hindu and a large minority are Buddhist (there are also small minorities of Muslims and Christians). The Buddha was born in Nepal, in Lumbini, and Nepal has a number of important Buddhist sites, and there are also very important Hindu religious sites in Nepal, including the Pashupatinath Temple, which is sacred to Shiva, and both Hindu and Buddhist sites and heritage are valued by Nepalis - these two religions co-exist quite peacefully, sometimes sharing temples and other religious sites.

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