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If there was a kicker than could hit a 108 yard field goal (1 yard line) where would he go in the draft?

3 points EVERY time you get the ball????

I say number 1.

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    He would actually kick it a lot farther than 108 yards.

    Think about it.

    You can't kick a field goal that long in a line drive. It has to go incredibly high in a huge arc just to be able to make it that far. That's a lot farther than 108 yards.

    If someone could actually kick it that far in a line drive boot ... it would be powerful enough to knock his own teammates out as well as the opposing lineman.

    That would have to be illegal. (smiling)

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    If some guy could kick even a 70- 75 yard FG with consistency I would draft him in the first round. I mean your talking almost 3 point every time you step on the field. If a guy could kick a 100+ yard FG I would pull a Mike Ditka and trade all my picks for him

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    You are assuming he has a 100% accuracy rate, which is not very likely. If he missed a kick from his own one, it would be a safety for the other team(2 points plus receiving a kickoff from the 20)since they get the ball at the point of the kick, which would be 6 yards deep in the endzone, not 8 yards as you state in our question. (The ball is placed down about 7 yards from the line of scrimmage, not 9.)

    I think the kicker would be worth having, I think the coach would get fired on Monday for letting his kicker attempt a fieldgoal from his own endzone.

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    If you could get 3 points guaranteed whenever you dont score a Touchdown Id definately draft the guy #1.

    You never have to punt and you're guaranteed 3 or 7 points every possession. Id take him with the 1st pick in the draft ASAP

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    dammit i was gonna ask this question but i was gonna say an 80 yarder i would take him wherever if he falls to me i get him if i had the #1 pick i would take him

    lol a kicker being the face of the franchise haha

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    wherever the Raiders pick. They took Janikowski early 1st round so I wouldnt doubt they do it again. Plus if te guy turns out to be a bust, no one would be surprised because they have done it so many times.

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    Im sure if there was a human who could do that ,the government would be looking into that so called "ability".


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    Only if I didn't desperately need a quarterback, would I take him first over any other desperate need

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    id draft him #2

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