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Get rid of abdominal bloating?

im a 17 year old male and i have abdominal bloating. it is really annoying and i have had it for almost 3 weeks, when im at school i always feel like releasing gas and always need to burp. i cant even zip my pants and i have to wear them like that. the most annoying thing is that i feel 20 pounds heavier and i look fatter. do you know any good medicines or any at home remedies?


thank you for the answers. do you know anything that i could eat or drink before school so i dont get this feeling?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Carbonated water will help you to burp and that will release gas off your stomach. Drinking lots of water helps with bloating as it helps you to flush your body. A slice of lemon added to the water helps as lemon juice is considered a natural diuretic.

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    Source(s): Eliminate Your Bloating Naturally - http://bloatingcure.ohfos.com/?Gjh
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