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Please rate my looks 1-10 ? [pics included]?

I have been trying to work on my looks to gain more self confidence. I want you to be brutally honest and give me tips on how i can improve my looks. So please rate my looks 1-10 and gimme tips on how to look better :) thank you so much x

Pic of me :

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    Maybe dye your hair to a darker brown to even the tone. The color you have now looks good with your light complexion, but if you made it a little darker it might look healthier.

    Layers help to make a rounder face look less round, and slim your cheeks. Particularly layers around the face. Sideswept bangs might help as well.

    If you use a light liquid cover up on your face, the same color as your skin, it will help to even your skin tone since you have a beautiful light complexion.

    If you get an eyeliner (such as Revlon's black eyeliner) and put a light coating on the bottom eyelid and the eyelashes, then use mascara to elongate the top lashes it would make your eyes stand out much more.

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    You have really nice hair but in the picture it looks bad so you could use a hair straightener to make it look shiny and silky then to make you Beautiful eyes pop you can use an eyelash curler and Lash Blast Mascara by Cover girl (it does wonders) and then just add a little bronze on and it will give you a really nice summer sun kissed glow. "I would give you a 5 but with these tips you could get a 8 or 9

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    Honey, if you want to gain self confidence, don't post stuff like this on the internet. There are a lot of cruel people out there, who will say things that will NOT boost your confidence.

    In terms of your looks, you are very pretty already. I would suggest getting a different hair cut, maybe a little shorter, and use a anti frizz shampoo and conditioner.

    Don't wear too much makeup and be yourself! :)

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    OMIGOSH! you look JUST like amber tamblyn from the sisterhood of the traveling pants ( )

    wow you seriously are like a spitting image of her. Anyway, as for your looks, just smile and do your hair prettier, like soft waves or straighten it. Just add a little pizazz to your look because you look a little plain in your photo but you're pretty so don't worry about it. and you must be related to that girl haha.


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    Im not going to rate you, because i don't find that will help your confidence.

    You look very young. You make your eyes stand out more, try blending in brown eyeshadow with a darker brown towards the outer lids.

    Mascara could also help.

    Try getting a hairstyle like this :

    It will flatter your face in my opinion, and make you look older.

    Lip gloss is always a bonus, but stay to your natural tone of your lips, unless it will stand out too much, and make you look too old.

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    You look great! I think you should have more self confidence and all you need is a nice hairstyle maybe some bangs or just fix up your hair because it looks a bit messy and puffy...use a hair straightner :D if you want you can use a bit of blush and mascara if it's your have amazing skin so have confidence! :^)

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    you are a 8.. tips: straighten your hair and maybe get a tiny bit of highlights,layers and side bangs!! wear lip gloss (not the tacky kind with gross sparkles in it) but a nice clear lip gloss. also wear light pink or light purple eye shadow, black mascara & mabey some eyeliner not too dark though i'd say get brown not black, and a light peachy colored blush would be perfect!! after that you will be a 10!

    hope i helped!! ♥

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    You look good but if you want something else i would straighten your hair , highlight it or dye it. and some make up then out of 10 you'll be a 45000

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    You're pretty already! But you could try to get a haircut that would create an oval face shape ... which is the ideal. Play it up with lots of layers and angles.

    If you're not happy with yourself no one on here is going to change your mind.

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    youre cute, definately not bad looking, maybe a 7.5. one thing i would suggest and i know its weird coming from a guy but you might dry darkening your eyebrows using just a little bit of hair dye carefully to match your hair, and then shape them just a tad. eyebrows are one of the easiest things to change that can have really dramatic results.

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