Do you think the end of the world is among us?

Do you think that we are coming up to Apocalypse?

Who will be left behind because we know not all of man kind will perish?

Who wants to be left behind?


I was thinking more like flooding from the melting ice combined with the drop in temperature making a new ice age followed by starvation and disease

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    I hope you're not serious LOL!!!!

    Although if all these ignorant people keep aquiring nuclear weapons it could be the end of the human race cause we're gonna eventually just destroy ourselves. But that's just because most people are ignorant, stupid, etc.

    We're all gonna perish if that happens. Nobody will be left behind. If you're talking about what the so-called "religious" people say or think or how they interpret what they read, well that's just all made up by people no matter what you might say or think. That's just a fact.

    The worlds gonna end, in the sense of humans on earth being gone, by either a nuclear war where we destroy ourselves cause we're just stupid, or when the sun dies out because it's a star. That won't be for a while though. But with crazy religious fanatics and such around, we won't have to worry about all that because we'll wipe ourselves out long before that.

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    I don't know nor do I care. But I for sure wouldn't want to be still here after wards.

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    I doubt it. I havent seen any signs.

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