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Mountain Bike Disc Brakes?

Can I put disc brakes on my Tribal mountain bike?

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  • Tom C
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    1 decade ago
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    your frame has to be set up for disk brakes to do it if not there are adapters that you can buy to do this.

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    Only if you have the mounts on the fork and on the rear triangle or stays. that is the only way you can do this. Also your wheels have to be equipped to take a disc brake so your cost on this if your wheels are ready for disc brakes (6 bolt mount) would be about $300 or better depending on all those factors. The other factor to consider is this: Did this bike cost you about that price when you bought it? If it did then I would have to say do not do it then! If this is a dept store bike then absolutely DO NOT DO IT!

    Source(s): PBS Sales associate in VA and disc brake user for years...
  • MtBikr
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    1 decade ago

    If the Tribal is one of the 18 spd hard tails No, there are no mounting boss' for the calipers and would require a lot of work to fabricate them, not to mention the added cost of a new wheel set, it would be cheaper to get a new bike with disks.

  • uhlman
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    4 years ago

    I could disagree with regard to the assertion that no one rather desires disc brakes. lots would be counted on the type of driving you do. V brakes are high-quality for many driving, distinctly the type of music and paved driving you're suggesting. through fact the brake block is on the rim, it skill that the braking floor comes into touch with water and your braking is consequently dwindled. the genuine situation with V brakes is once you're going off highway. extra distinctly, once you will get muddy. maximum dirt isn't a situation, on account that your wheel rotation will throw the dirt sparkling. the challenge arises as quickly as you hit clay. My final bike had V brakes. i became out on a club journey one night and we went around the sphere boundary (Bridleway went that way). It have been given clogged up distinctly promptly. The V brakes did not help and that i had to launch the brakes, yet they nevertheless acted to clog up each and all the dirt on the tyres. in the top i finished up carrying the bike for a pair of mile. this would not have befell with Discs. The braking floor is close to the hub, so won't get clogged up with water as unquestionably and, extra to the element, won't propose which you eventually finally end up with a dirt encased wheel. the different reason disc brakes are stable, different than clearance, is the scuffling with capability. the extra overall performance facilitates you to hurtle down the hill and not could pre-plan your supply up lots. if reality be told you may wreck later in the previous hitting the corner or needing to offer up. Mechanical disc brakes at the instant are not great and the cable has a tendency to get glagged up, so the overall performance isn't great. That pronounced, they have the dirt clearing traits mandatory. an decision could be cantilever brakes. those have the comparable drop in overall performance whilst moist, however the cord cuts in the direction of the dirt, helping to shed it. Hydraulics are maximum suitable in terms of overall performance, yet assume to pay somewhat extra. your different decision is to get V brakes, yet with disc waiting hubs. That way, in case you % to enhance later you may. luck

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