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How do I change my yahoo answers username and how do I create an avatar?

I want to change my username but I dont want to make a new email address, and i went to yahoo avatars and made one but i went to answers and my avatar wasnt there.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Click on your avatar or "My Profile" and then "Edit My Info". You can also use this direct link:

    On this page you can change your nickname, pick your avatar, start and stop email, hide and unhide q&a in your profile, change notification email address, activate IM, and a few other preferences.


    Your avatar can be a cartoon figure or a photo. Some sites use the cartoon and some use the photo. Some, such as Yahoo Answers , give you a choice. If you do not have an avatar then a square smiley face appears.

    № 1. If you want to create a cartoon avatar then go to and create or modify one and then go to № 3.

    № 2. If you want to create a photo avatar. Go to your profile at and upload an image there. Click on "Change Photo" and upload one or more. Select the one you want to use.

    № 3. Now for either a cartoon figure or a photo save everything and go back to Yahoo Answers. Click on your old avatar in Yahoo Answers which brings you to your profile. Now go to "Edit My Info". You can pick the cartoon or photo to use. BE SURE TO PREVIEW AND SAVE (OK) THE PAGE AT THE BOTTOM. Shortcut:

    ₪ ɦəlʞɹɐq ₪

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  • 1 decade ago

    creating an avatar is kind of simple.

    go o that site and create your own, save it when you have finished, then go to profiles and add it there.

    for the user name,

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