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In X-Men Origins-Wolverine,Logan had some weird claws at the beginning of the movie?

I was watching X-Men Origins-Wolverine,and at the beginning of the movie,Logan had claws coming from his hands. But they weren't his metal claws,because they injected metal claws later in the movie. Does anyone know what does no-metal claws were?


If they are bones,are they normal bones that every person has and he is just able to slide them out,or are those extra bones,that only he has?

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    He has always had them, originally he had bone claws so when they put metal on to his bones his claws became metal too.

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    They are bones, the people just put metal on all his bones later, so his claws were bone

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    X-adult males Origins Wolverine is a prequel to all of the movies tht got here till now it so which you probable wanna watch X-adult males then X2 after which X-recommend 3 The final stand after which X-adult males origins wolverine so which you're able to be shocked such as you're suposed too.

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    (In X-Men Fatal Attractions Magneto rips all the Adamantium from Wolverines skeleton and it is revealed that his claws are made of bone and that he always had them)

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    Their his bones.

  • Anonymous
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