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Songs related to The Giver by Lois Lowry?

I need 8-10 songs related to the book The Giver. Also what do you think should be the theme song?

If you can also help me by changing the lyrics of what you think should be the theme song, so that it relates to The Giver and sounds like the song was made for The Giver.

For example instead of La La La La Elmo's World, you can change the lyrics to La La La La Jonas' World

* I can't use children's songs like I used in the example.

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    there's a song

    called the giver, so that should be appropriate to the book.


    It's a little overwhelming

    To think about how life isnt as easy as we hoped

    While the bills keep pouring in

    It's hard to fill you in

    Between the work place and dispair

    We all know it isn't fair

    It's not time to call it quits

    'cause you know you got nothing to lose

    'cause they're the ones who wont make it

    And it's not cool

    But it'll be over soon

    And you wake up at six

    With your eyes partially open

    And stumble off to work

    On the problems of your life

    And when you stumble home

    From the job that you despise

    There's a place on the seat

    Where you once felt first love

    Keep them at heart

    Cause they're the people who love you

    And right from the start we all knew something was wrong

    Lets all try to sing along

    Learn the words to this song

    That we'll look back on

    Lets all try to sing along

    Learn the words to this song

    That we'll look back on

    and also, once the movie comes out, we can use the soundtrack ;) lol

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    Come away to the water by Maroon 5

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