How would you start a club at University of Michigan Ann Arbor?

I want to start a club at the university of Michigan -Ann Arbor. It will be mostly for community service. I don't want to explain all the details but how would i go about starting one.

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    The Office of Student Activities and Leadership offers resources to do so. To become an officially recognized student group, you must go through many steps such as writing a charter and such.

    A very comprehensive guidebook is available here:

    However, I highly suggest joining some of the existing service groups on campus to see if they are what you are looking for. To be honest, starting a new group can be a big hassle and there are already TONS of service organizations available to UM students, so finding interested students and starting a club from the ground-up can be quite the task. May I suggest looking into Circle K ( which is a general service organization that holds many service projects each week to choose from? There are also more specialized service groups such as The Detroit Partnership, where students work to improve the Detroit area. Best of luck.

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