Has partisanship eroded American Values?

25 years ago, I really do not believe that many Americans would have defended torture for any reason on any level, party notwithstanding.

Much Blood has been spilled(including mine,my Fathers and his Fathers) in defense of our Constitution,our values and our Democracy The thought that we could compromise them so easily burns me up deep inside.

We defeated Hitler, the Soviet Union and many,many more real characters without torture. How can we let all that came before us down, by defending this behavior now.

BTW I do not care about Party on this issue.


Good hank- you should value the sentimate not the person offering it.

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    it definitely has. too much bloodshed and too many lives have been lost. ;(

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    Fear has eroded the values of many in the so called "civilised" world. In my country the attitudes are pretty much the same as in yours...and we have not even experiences a terrorist event on our own soil.

    And btw...your govt has been using torture for decades. It's just that Bush and Cheney were dumb enough, or arrogant enough, or BOTH to let the world know they were doing it.

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    Naturally given anyone can make up anything on here so who knows if you are for real

    But yes torture is wrong

    And straight up justice is better and more efficient

    Tell the suspect they are charged with an offense that carries the death penalty and they can plead for a lesser offense if they give up information

    Then if they will not trial them quickly and execute them.

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    The arc goes from Nixon to Lee Atwater to Karl Rove. American politics have become a hate fest with the two sides no longer willing to reach compromise or common ground. As long as this continues, patritotism will be a ruse.

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    Yes, But Greed has created this whole mess............Both parties have free reign to create a money making scheme for themselves without regulation. The power they have has not been used to represent the hard working Americans for which they were voted to protect, that power has been used to situate themselves into a position to make money. As a politician, your goal should be to represent, not to prosper beyond what your salary is. That is a Conflict of Interest!

  • DAR
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    1 decade ago

    It has eroded American brains, as well.

    Although TV news sure helps.

  • 25 years ago when they pulled this crap Americans called for bombing and mass annihilation.

    If we had done that they would leave us alone now and not torture and kill us all the time

    Obviously you were not alive.

    I remember my Father saying Bomb the whole Athens Airport. when they started Chopping up Americans on a Airplane.

    You would have gotten way less sympathy.

    1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis was still fresh on are minds and we Were up in Arms.

    You know nothing. and pretend you do.

    Source(s): My father was right but I was young and thought he was to harsh. Read about the American Hostages at Athens I do not remember the year but I remember the HORROR of them Chopping up the Tourists
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    1 decade ago

    I think politics over values came with Nixon and watergate, It accelerated under Reagan with his treasonous acts in Iran Contra, and his looting of the Treasury under the guise of S & L De-Regulation

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    If you believe that torture didn't happen in Vietnam....Korean War........World War II....World War I.....Mexican War........Civil War......Revolutionary War.......and every other war in history, you are sadly delusional.

    The biggest hindrance that we have in regards to war is that we handicap our soldiers and allow the bleeding heart liberal media in to "document" what they wish and edit the advances, good deeds, and positive changes for the sake of "graphic ratings."

    As for the erosion of American values....you need only look at the welfare state for that problem. When you reward people who don't want to work and attempt to make everyone financially "equal" you destroy the ambition, hard work, and American Dream.

  • Yes, it has eroded the values of many in the US but thankfully not all.

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    people need to realize their parties are playing them for fools

    the republicans want to whine about democrat mistakes and vice versa

    guess what?!??! there's plenty of political corruption and incompetence to go around, why don't you worry about your own damn parties which you can actually change

    hate to break it to you but no one from the opposite party is going to fix anything because you whined a lot

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