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How do you answer questions on yahoo answers?

I got no clue how to answer questions on yahoo answers

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    Some times I Go With

    the 1st Thing that POPS

    In My Head !!

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    You can only answer open questions.

    To answer questions, you have to follow these instructions.

    1. Go to the question

    2. Click on "Answer Question"

    3. Type in your answer

    4. Include a source (optional)

    5. Click Preview

    6. Click Submit

    This is how you answer a question on Yahoo! Answers.

    You can also edit your answer by clicking Edit.

    You can then edit your answer/source and then you click Preview. Then Submit. By the way, you receive 2 points for answering and 10 points for getting best answer. Along with the best answer, each thumbs up you get for that best answer give you 1 point each.

    You can also delete your answer if it is not in voting or is not resolved. Just click delete under your answer and then click yes.

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    1. Login to your yahoo email

    2. Go to Yahoo! Answers home page

    3. Find an interesting question that you can answer

    4. Press the Answer Question blue button

    5. Type your answer and then press preview

    6. Review your answers and press submit or edit if you want to edit

    7. Repeat steps 2-6 if you enjoy answering questions.

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    By clicking the big button that says "answer this question", but do it fast, so when MOST questions go to voting, losers just want the points and click the first answerer :) lol.

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    Try not to be a troll. Some people actually would like a straightforward answer to an honest question.

    Try not to answer troll questions. It can be difficult, but try to ignore the more ridiculous ones.

    If you do answer troll questions with a troll answer - make it humorous or use enough facts in your response to b**ch slap them into reality.

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    Here are some tips for answering questions.

    A good answer:

    * answers the question.

    * is stated positively.

    * is expressed in layman's terms.

    * has main point "up front."

    * is specific (i.e., it uses specific examples, illustrations, anecdotes, concrete detail, analogies; backs up quantitative statements with figures).

    * is concise.

    * does not include more than is necessary.

    * recognizes opportunities in question to state your point of view.

    * doesn't sound antagonistic, evasive or defensive.

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    I click on it, read it, if I like it I answer it using my witty intelligence, I see what Spell Checker is complaining about, I preview it, I submit it, and I bask in the glory of only having a couple thousand more pts. to go till I finally reach level 5.....YES!

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    actually i agree with this girl! im new too and yes obvioulsy i can answer this question but someone replied to my question and i dont know how to reply back to them there isnt a bit shiny button that says answer hhaha.

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    Stay in school. Learn how to answer questions. That is taught in Pre-K.

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    on the top of the page click the "Answer Banner" it next to "Ask Banner"

    here is an example; Can you click the "answer banner" do so now. you have just answer my question.

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