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Italian guys. Is the pianist imitating Eros Ramazzotti's voice in this video?

The video... e qui ...

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Question 1) The same as the title question

Question 2) Can you suggest some good Italian pop/rock/folk/ hip-hop singers? Do you recommend Eros Ramazzotti , Vasco Rossi, Ligabue and Giusy Ferreri? Are they good or bad? Or you know other good Italian singers?

Question 3)In the video,do you know the which part of Italy the people come from? Napoli, Milano or other places?

Question 4) How long does it take to travel from Rimini to San Marino? How do Italians think of San Marino? Like it or hate it ?

Grazie mille

Studio Italiano. Vengo da Hong Kong . Mi piace L'ITALIA!!! Voglio andare a L'italia

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    Ciao! posso parlarti in italiano??? (sono italiana)

    1- sì, quel pianista sta imitando la voce di eros ramazzotti. Il ragazzo del video è una persona che fa ridere, un comico.

    2- allora... Giusy Ferreri non mi piace, ma canta bene; vasco Rossì è bravo, mi piace, Anche Ligabue e Ramazzotti.

    Altri cantanti italiani sono... i Finley, una band di ragazzi giovani,

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    Valerio Scanu

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    Alessandra Amoroso

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    Tiziano Ferro

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    laura pausini

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    Source(s): alla quarta domanda non so rispondere, ma san marino mi piace!
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    oh italy is fantastic:)

    i'm italian, but i love american singer xD

    1) ahahah oh yes, he's an italian comic, he's very funny!

    The video is an italian programme called Zelig, i love it.

    2)my favourite italian singers are Vasco Rossi, Ligabue (they are very famous here!). Giusy Ferreri is good, she seems Amy Winehouse

    Max Pezzali, Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini (she's great), Zucchero, Melody Fall, Bassi Maestro (rap), Alessandra Amoroso (she is a winner of a famous reality show called "Amici", as X-Factor..Elisa, Jovanotti.

    3) Milano. It's a fantastic city:)

    4) about 40 minutes. i have never been in San Marino. i'm sorry!

    Source(s): sorry for my english xD
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    Mmm...i think of Vasco Rossi is extra universal here, yet Ramazzotti is universal too! Alex Britti..he's not as universal as Vasco Rossi, optimistic! by no means heard of Samuele Bersani. Luca Dirisio wrote 2 stupid songs! Laura Pausini is veeery universal. large singer. Nek is extremely properly oftentimes happening and extremely marvelous! you will desire to purchase their posters relatively everywhere! In a CD save, on the newsagent's, and that they are no longer very high priced.

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    1. Yes

    2.Yes all of them plus: Antonello Venditti, Mina, Claudio Baglioni, Branduardi, Lucio Dalla, Francesco Guccini, Francesco De Gregori, Jovannotti, Fausto Leali, Vecchioni, Battiato, Lucio Battisti,Pausini, Pooh, Giorgio Gaber. Mannoia, R. Cocciante etc

    3. I think Milano

    4. It takes about 40 minute or so.

    Kind of like but mildly

    Source(s): I am Italian and from nearby
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