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How can i put weight on?

im 17 neally 18 and im 8 and half stone, i can feel myself slowly loosing weight and need to put weight on

i used too have a eating disorder when i was 14 i was 6 stone but i got over that and went to 9 stone now ive gone down to 8 and half i need to put weight on to be healthy i feel skinny like a stick lol , although i don't look massively under weight like where you see girls and they look like there about to snap, i just need some healthy ideas on how to put more weight on thank you people xox


i can eat eat and eat and i dont put weight on

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    yeast is what they used to advertise as something that would help skinny people put on weight. I guess you could try that. maybe try eating a lot of carbs but be sure to have some protein with it to make it stick.

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    Don't constantly eat pie or cakes, you need to put the weight on in a healthy manner.

    Drink full fat milk or milkshakes, eat more protein and snack between meals. Increase your meal sizes slightly by adding an extra potato or an extra slice of bread, it is important to never skip meals always make sure you have a decent breakfast.

    In addition to this you could lift some weights to bulk yourself out a bit more.

    Source(s): I have been trying to gain weight for the past 2 years
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    -don't stop excersizing. you need to increase your muscle mass, so if i were u, i'd do some less strenous excersize taht is more effective inn this area. (situps, pressups, etc... )

    -dont turn to mases of junk food (if u want a healthy approach to weight gain) - as this may do more damage than goodness.

    -find healthier foods that are higher in callories and carbohydrates (always read the label)

    -take in more callories than you work off (u may need to purchase calorie counter, or if u have one on your mobile phone, or usually gym equiptment etc. counts the cal's worked off, for u)

    -eat LOADS (but don't over do it) basicaly, i mean, eat regular snaks, and eat big meals.

    -eat before you go to bed, as your body wont have time to work ALL of teh callories off, and so will store them.

    -keep a journal and reccord how many callories you intake after everything you eat. Make sure it adds up to a total of MORE than 2000 cals (this is a womans GDA, so it needs to be more than this) ...

    hope this helped :)


    good luck! x x

    Source(s): meeeeeeee! just general knowlage
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    Just a few small changes to your diet will help. Add in some healthy, but quite fatty or high protein foods. Eggs are good, but don't overdo it. I love fried egg sandwiches, and they are quite fattening, so I don't eat them very often. Also take a look at your diet in general. Are you eating too many salads? change slightly, so that you can include more starchy foods, like potatoes and bread, but go for baked potatoes, and wholegrain, or malted grain breads.

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    eat less bigger meals. Eat when you are not hungry-i.e in between meals! Eat plenty of dairy products, but seriously just because you think you need to put on Weight by eating fast food and oily products, that gonna do more damage.

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    You should eat around 2500 calories a day not all necessarily fatty foods. Try having bigger portions of what u allready have, or reduce the amount of excercise you do.

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    honey you could have a thyroid problem - go to a doctor

    don't do this eating pies thing! that's just bad.

    if you go to a doctor it is likely they will team up with a nutritionist and help you figure out whats wrong

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    lift weights.

    and eat something unhealthy right before you go to bed... like ice cream.

    also, eating a lot of peanut butter may help.

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    Eat pies.

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    try drinking coke n stuff

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